Where Is Toby Dorr Now? John Manard Ex Girlfriend Update

Where Is Toby Dorr Now? John Manard Ex-Girlfriend Update

Where Is Toby Dorr Now? John Manard Ex-Girlfriend Update

Where Is Toby Dorr Now? Her story about the infamous landing prison break is covered by NBC’s Dateline. Let’s find out.

Tovy Dorr is better known as the Dog Lady. She is also the ex-girlfriend of John Manard who was jailed for murder and robbery.

Toby is the founder and coordinator of the Safe Harbour Program. Moreover, is a successful speaker and author now.

Her dramatic crime story and infamous Lansing prison break are covered in NBC’s ‘Dateline: Breakout. Read further to know details on her.

Where Is Toby Dorr Now?

Toby Dorr is living a free life now.

She was released from the federal prison in Houston, Texas, in 2008.

Dorr is still running a Safe Harbor Prison Dog – a rehabilitative program for rescued dogs.

Dorr is a common face in all areas of Lansing prison. She helps and rescues canines with inmates and takes them for further adoption.

In an interview taken in 2018, she stated that she was forced and overwhelmed by John Manard.

Dorr was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the year 2004. She is currently blissfully living with her family members.

Why Was She Arrested?

Toby Dorr was arrested for a prison escape and helping out John Manard.

Manard and Dorr were in a romantic relation back then. It is said that Dorr was persuaded by Manard to take part in the infamous escape.

She had helped Manard to break prison and was caught in Tennessee in October 2015.

The dramatic event was accompanied by a high-speed car chase.

However, their moving car was crashed onto the tree and a moment later they were taken into custody.

Following the incident Toby Dorr aka Young was pleaded guilty to an aggravated jailbreak.

Additionally, she was fined $7,500 in restitution and was imprisoned for 27 months in jail.

Toby Dorr Son and Family Details

Toby Dorr is the mother of two sons.

She is married to her husband Chirs Dorr. The couple had met after Dorr was released from prison. 

They tied the knot in a simple courthouse ceremony in October 2009 after meeting in Massachusetts.

However, before going to prison she was married to another man. He divorced Dorr following her criminal charges.




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