Who Is Derron Herah? Elaine Thompson Herah Husband Age

Who Is  Elaine Thompson Herah Husband? Derron Herah And Family

Who Is  Elaine Thompson Herah Husband? Derron Herah And Family

Derron Herah is Elaine Thompson Herah husband and partner. What is the age difference between the two?

Derron is the lucky man married to the current fastest woman on the planet. His wife, Elaine Thompson-Herah, recently broke the Olympic record with 10.61 seconds in women’s 100m race.  

But, little is known that Derron is a former athlete himself. 

Who Is Derron Herah From Jamaica? Meet Elaine Thompson Herah Husband

Derron Herah is the husband of Jamaica athlete Elaine Thompson Herah.

The olympian had kept her relationship hidden from the public for a long time. But, Elaine eventually opened about her love life in an extravagant style. 

On November 2, 2019, Elaine got married to Derron at a lavish wedding. She even posted about the ceremony on her Instagram, with a heartfelt caption with six different promises.

Not only did Elaine got married that day, but she also changed her official surname to Thompson-Herah from just Herah. This just shows her commitment to the bond.

However, Derron Herah has not added any new family members with Elaine yet. We don’t know much about their plan to have children. Besides, Elaine is in her prime career right now. 

Derron Herah Age Explored

Derron Herah is the age of 39 years old. Derron is almost 10 years older than Elaine.

The gold medalist celebrated her 29th birthday on June 28 in 2021. 

The couple is an excellent example that age is just a number. Despite the gap, they understand and resonate with each other. 

On Feb 22, Elaine posted an IG picture wishing her husband a happy birthday. She wrote, “Have a swell day, my husband. I love you infinitely”.

It is no surprise that the two look great together. Furthermore, they also share dreams together. 

In fact, Derron Herah is even featured on Elaine’s Wikipedia. 

What Does Derron Herah Do as Job?

Derron Herah is an entrepernuer by job. 

His Instagram handle @dnherah entails that he is involved with multiple businesses. Notably, he is the owner of Herah Music Entertainment. 

In addition, he is also working with Shop Golden Trend, Loan and Pawn, and Codefrolic. Moreover, Derron Herah also enjoys his wife’s net worth of $4 million USD.

Previously, Derron used to be a professional athlete. He played sports for Southwest Christian Junior College and Texas Tech University. Furthermore, he also coaches new sportsmen. 

Together, Elaine and Derron Herah have become an inspiration to black ethnic people. Moreover, Elaine is a gem of Jamaica and a four-time Olympic champion. 

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