Who Is Heidi Broussard? Age Husband And Wikipedia

Dateline: Who Is Heidi Broussard? Retrospection On The Murder

Dateline: Who Is Heidi Broussard? Retrospection On The Murder

Who is Heidi Broussard from Dateline? Here’s the retrospection on her murder.

On December 12, 2019, Heidi vanished from her home along with her daughter, Margot Carey. A week later, she was found dead in Houston, Texas.

Her friend, Magen Fieramusca, reportedly killed Heidi and proclaimed that the two-week-old baby belonged to her. Well, she is accused of faking her pregnancy and the entire murder case is considered premeditated.

Heidi Broussard’s death story was recently covered on NBC‘s Dateline. The episode features how her family is doing after her murder.

Well, Heidi’s parents have questioned Margot why she hurt her own friend. Indeed, they are curious to know why a longtime friend would do something horrible like that.

Reportedly, Heidi was the only daughter of Roger “David” Broussard and Tammy Bostick Broussard. Indeed, the entire family members were crushed after the police found her body in the trunk of a car.

Well, the car belonged to no other than Margot aka Maygen. According to Tammy on Dateline, she believes that her mate had pre-planned her murder.

Currently, Margot is serving her time in Austin jail. Well, her attorneys claim that the prosecutors haven’t presented valid evidence until now.

According to ABC News, Margot is charged with two counts of kidnapping. Also, she is alleged of tampering with a corpse.

Heidi Broussard Age: How Old Was She?

Heidi Broussard was 33 years of age when she passed away. The only fact we know about her birthday is that she was born in 1986.

Today, she would have reached 35 years old. We are extremely sorry for her demise and send our warm condolences to the Broussard family.

Reportedly, her friend, Heidi was 34 years old at that time. Now, she is probably 36 years of age.

Heidi Broussard Husband: Was She Married?

Heidi Broussard was about to marry her future husband, Shane Tyson Carey. Her fiance has been constantly working to get her justice.

Reportedly, the couples shared two children – Silas and newborn Margo. Moreover, Heidi was also the step-mom of Addison.

We aren’t sure how the duo met together and fell in love. But, we can assure you that they were true soulmates.

Read Heidi Story On Wikipedia

Heidi Broussard’s biography is not on Wikipedia. However, we can read her obituary from any site online.

It’s already been two years since the terrible incident. Nevertheless, we aren’t able to forget about Heidi and her charisma.

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