Who Is Himynameisalliyah? TikTok Age Real Name And Instagram

Who Is Himynameisalliyah On TikTok? Age And Real Name Revealed

Who Is Himynameisalliyah On TikTok? Age And Real Name Revealed

Himynameisalliyah is a Tik Tok star. At a young age only, she has been able to grab the attention of millions of audiences..

Being a social media star, Himynameisalliyah is very active on social media platforms.

Himynameisalliyah on TikTok

Himynameisalliyah is with the name @himynameisalliyah on the Tik Tok. She is very active on the platform. We can spot some amazing content on her page. In total, she hits 1 million followers with 32.1 million likes till now.


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♬ original sound – k a y l a .🏹 🤍

The lady usually posts the trending videos and music there. It includes lip-syncing, giving tips on how to make a Tinder profile to get participate in the reality show “Love Island”, dance moves, etc.

Alliyah Age & Height: How Old and Tall is She?

Himynameisalliyah is 19 years of age. She was born in the month of February back in 2002. As per her birth month, she follows the Aquarius zodiac sign. Despite being a social media star, the lady is not spotted uploading pictures of her birthday celebrations yet.

Moreover, talking about her height Himynameisalliyah is blessed with a height of 5 feet and two inches. We can mostly spot her flaunting her tallness on social media.

Himynameisalliyah Real Name 

Her real name is Alliyah. Despite she has got a beautiful name, she tends to choose her stage name as Himynameisalliyah. Though her name was present on the stage name itself, many of you might not have given attention to it.

Everyone is used to her stage name now as per the present scenario.

Other than that, Alliyah’s ethnicity is not yet available on the web portals. Despite being an internet star, the lady has been quite private about the things that are connected to her personal life.

Nevertheless, we only have found out that Himynameisalliyah represents Australian nationality.

Find Himynameisalliyah On Instagram

Himynameisalliyah is with the name himynameisalliyah on Instagram. Not only on Tik Tok, but she is active in here too. The young lady has got 390k followers while uploading 121 posts to date.

We can spot her uploading gorgeous pictures wearing bikinis on the beaches flaunting her fit body, formal outfits, classy dresses, partying with friends, and many more.

Moreover, Alliyah has classified the picture sections with the names like fbgm, Spotify, happy stuff, the sky mostly, P.O Box, pretty things, etc.

Alliyah is also present on YouTube with the name alliyah. 

Himynameisalliyah Net Worth

Well, the exact net worth of her is still not revealed. However, it’s been assumed that the youngster has a total estimated income between $1 million – $5 million as of 2021.

We will update you once Alliyah will reveal her actual earnings.

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