Who Is Jake Davison? Facebook & Reddit

Plymouth Shooting Update: Who Is Jake Davison? Here’s What We Know

Plymouth Shooting Update: Who Is Jake Davison? Here’s What We Know

Jake Davison is the prime suspect in the Plymouth Shooting case. He is trending on both Facebook and Reddit discussions.

Britain recently reported the worst mass shooting of the country in the past 10 years. On a Thursday evening, a gunman killed five people on a shooting spree in Plymouth.

The victims were disclosed as a 5-year-old girl, two females, and two males. 

Who Is Jake Davison? Suspect Behind Plymouth Shooting Video

Jake Davison is the alleged Plymouth shooter. The case is labeled as a murder-suicide.

Witness reported that he was dressed in black and grey and was carrying a long-barreled gun. Apparently, he kicked the door of a house and started shooting randomly. At last, he also shot himself to death. 

Later, 23 years old Jake Davison was alleged as the gunman in Plymouth shooting video.

People reported Davison as an apprentice crane operator who used to work as a high-security naval in the dockyard. Furthermore, he was also a keen bodybuilder on the street. 

Jake Davison on Facebook & Reddit Discussion 

Jake Davison had just updated his Facebook profile picture a few days ago.

After the news came out, many people tracked the Facebook profile of the alleged shooter. Jake had apparently joined the platform in 2016.

A resident of Plymouth, Davison’s Facebook actually says he is originally from Pheonix, Arizona, USA. Likewise, his old cover photo of a statue holding a gun with the flag of the United States behind has also amassed attention. 

Furthermore, Jake Davison has also sparked outrage on Reddit discussion. 

Netizens have also found Jake’s Youtube channel with some disturbing evidence. His channel featured multiple videos linked with workouts along with rants about women, sex, and mental disability.

Just 2 days ago, Davison had liked a youtube video on how to use M1 Garand semi-automatic battle rifle. Moreover, he was also subscribed to many firearm-related channels. 

Jake Davison is now featured on the Plymouth Shooting Wiki page. 

Who are Jake Davison Parents? Wife and Partner

It is shocking that Jake Davison’s victims included his own parents and family members. 

Jake reportedly shot his own mother, sister, and brother. However, their names and identity have been protected by the police right now. 

Jake Davison’s Facebook mentioned that he did not have any wife or partner, and was actually single. However, Jake Davison religion is not mentioned anywhere. 

There are many speculations on the late shooter’s background right now. Many articles assume Jake Davison’s ethnicity as white.

Nevertheless, the full report of the investigation is still on the way.

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