Who is Rachel Survivor Australia? Rachel Downie Age Height And Partner

Who is Rachel Survivor Australia? Age And Partner Revealed

Who is Rachel Survivor Australia? Age And Partner Revealed

Rachel Downie is a cast member from Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn who got voted out in episode 11 of season 8 of the reality TV show. Know More About Rachel Downie.  

Rachel is a castaway from the reality TV show Australian Survivor. The filming location of the show is in Cloncurry, Queensland, Australia. She survived in the shows for 23 days and got voted out. Till her days in the Australian Survivor, she was the tribe member of Brains and managed to win a total of 6 challenges until she left the show. 

Who Is Rachel Survivor Australia?     

Rachel Downie is a successful educator, speaker, and businesswoman. She earned the title of 2020 Queensland Australian of the Year for her remarkable work as an educator and social entrepreneur who changed the education system.

She worked for 26 years in public and private schools as a classroom teacher, faculty Head, welfare Head, and deputy principal.

As an educator, she saw a lot of bullying and self-harm. She started Stymie to change the education system of Australia through an anonymous online reporting system.

During 25 years as an educator, she loses her nine students in a year to suicide. After this incident, she wanted to help those young people. However, the students were too frightened to expose themselves. That was when she came up with the idea of, Stymie where one can come forward anonymously and gain the support they want. Till 2018, Stymie received as many as 40,000 notifications from the students who suffered.   

Rachel Downie Age, Height And Partner

Rachel is 50 years old as of 2021. Despite her age, she played as an outstanding player in Australian Survivor and won 5 times in tribal challenges and won one time in Individual Challenges.

Her fans got disappointed when she got voted out as they wanted to see more of her performance in the show.   

Rachels height is still not available. However, by looking at her pictures, she might be in between 5 to 5.5 ft. 

Rachel represents the women as well as the LGBTQIA+ community. She is a strong 50 years lesbian who is married to her wife, Amanda.

Rachel also works with her wife on the solution to the mental health system. She lived with her wife and two children, Groodle and Devon Rex, in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast.     

Is Rachel Downie On Wikipedia? Everything About Rachel Australian Survivor

No, Rachel Downie is not on Wikipedia. However, there are various websites on Rachel Downie.

Rachel is currently active on her Instagram with the username ‘racheldownie’ and has around 1.4K followers on her account.

She also owns a website as racheldownie.com where she encourages the prevention of bullying and self-harm. She provides workshops to tackle the problem of bullying and harm in school communities.  

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