Who is Ready Ron Rapper? Wikipedia Age, Real Name: Where Is He Now?

Where is Ready Ron Rapper Now? Update 2021

Where is Ready Ron Rapper Now? Update 2021

The death of the beloved rapper DMX has caused many to be furious on Ready Ron Beats.

Ready Ron Beats is an American rapper now best known as the mentor of the legendary rapper, DMX

After an interview of DMX stating that he had been tricked by the said man to do crack, which allegedly cost him his life, many fans have been expressing their disgust and rage towards Ready Ron.

Ready Ron Beats: Mentor to DMX

14-year-old DMX looked up to his mentor Ready Ron Beats as an older brother. But his admiration and trust were betrayed when the said rapper tricked him into taking recreational drugs. 

A young child then exposed to drugs now dead due to drug overdose on April 9, 2021, many fans are raging against the said rapper with the question ‘How could he do that to a child?’

Ready Ron Beats Wikipedia: Age and Real Name

Ready Ron’s age is 55 years old and he was born in the year 1965 on November 18

Although his birthdate had not been officially released, we managed to gather the information from various sites.

Similarly, we also came to learn that Ready Ron Beats’s real name is Ronald Wilson.

The rapper is not much popular contrary to DMX and hence Ronal Ron Beats hasn’t been documented on Wikipedia.

Ready Ron Beats Family: Wife and Children

Details about Ready Ron Beats family, wife, or children have not been disclosed yet. 

We also for a fact don’t even know if he is married yet.

Ready Ron Beats Today: Where is he now?

Before DMX’s untimely demise, DMX’s interview claiming how he had been betrayed by his mentor had been seen by many.

Due to the matter, Ready Ron Beats has made a video but instead of addressing how he had literally tricked a then 14 year old DMX he just said that his age was incorrect.

This had expressed the anger of many fans and maybe that was the reason why his Instagram @ready_ron_beats was made private.

However, now after DMX’s death, Ready Ron Beats has not made any public statements or appearances.

What is Ready Ron Beats Net Worth?

There is no information available on Ready Ron Beats’s net worth or his salary available. 


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