Who Is Withawonder? Find Him On Twitter And YouTube

Who Is Withawonder On Twitch? Accusations Explained

Who Is Withawonder On Twitch? Accusations Explained

Withawonder on Twitch has been a center of controversy. Learn everything about his Twitter and YouTube here.

Withawonder is a well-known gamer and streamer. He is famous for his South Park: The Fractured But Whole gaming content.

Furthermore, he uses the popular Twitch service, Just Chatting. Here are the other games he loves to play – Roblox, I’m Only Sleeping, and League of Legends.

Twitch: Who Is Withawonder?

Withawonder is a Twitch star with over 21 thousand followers.

Recently, the platform developers had banned him from Twitch. However, he reveals that he has no idea why he was banned.

However, he speculates that they banned him after he took off his shirt, showing nudity. Also, he believes Twitch prohibited him from the application after sleeping on stream.

Now, sleeping on Twitch doesn’t count on violating the platform’s rule. So, Withawonder has promised that he will no longer take his shirt off.

Moreover, his apology seems genuine, and hence, Twitch has given him a final warning. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are unable to donate to the streamer as his PayPal remains blocked.

Withawonder Age: How Old Is He?

Withawonder’s current age remains unknown.

However, we can predict that he is probably in his twenties. Unfortunately, right now, we have no information regarding his birthday.

Furthermore, there is nothing to note on his real name. Hopefully, the man himself will reveal about him in the coming days.

Since he is not a very popular streamer, we believe his net worth is in the thousands. However, we cannot confirm the exact amount of his assets. 

Is He On Twitter?

Withawonder was previously on Twitter as @withawonder1.

However, he has recently deleted his profile after recent controversy. Reportedly, he has been facing a lot of accusations from young women.

According to Dexerto, Withawonder invited girls to his Discord and sent them inappropriate messages. However, the gamer hasn’t responded to any of those accusations.

Furthermore, the police haven’t arrested him yet. Nevertheless, if the accusations are true, the police must take strict actions against him.

Meet Him On YouTube

He is on YouTube under the name of Withawonder.

Almost all of his videos are related to games. Moreover, we can find his face on his YouTube videos.

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