Adnan Oktar Wiki, Net Worth, Wife And Family Facts: Is He Married?

Adnan Oktar Wiki And Net Worth: Everything On Turkish Sex Cult Leader Harun Yahya

Adnan Oktar Wiki And Net Worth: Everything On Turkish Sex Cult Leader Harun Yahya

Adnan Oktar is a Turkish cult leader and creationist who has been sentenced to 1,075 years in prison over many charges of sex crimes by the Turkish court on January 11, 2021.

The Islamic creationist has been accused of sexual assault by different women since July 2018, along with sex crimes, Adnan has been sentenced for financial fraud and forming a criminal organization.

Adnan Oktar was born in Ankara but spent most of his life in Istanbul, along with being a cult leader Adnan was a television broadcaster, and writer. He used a pen name, Harun Yahya, and wrote books about Islamic views on evolution. 

Quick Facts: Adnan Oktar Wiki And Net Worth: Everything On Turkish Sex Cult Leader Harun Yahya

Name Adnan Oktar
Birthday 2nd February, 1956
Age 64
Gender Male
Nationality Turkish
Profession Cult leader

10 Facts about Adnan Oktar

  1. Adnan Oktar was born on February 2, 1956, in Ankara, Turkey, and is of Turkish nationality. Adnan lived in Ankara until he finished high school but moved to Istanbul for further studies.
  2. In Istanbul, Adnan Oktar joined Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 1979. While studying, Adnan would preach to his freshmen about Islam and later on formed a group with fellow believers.
  3. Adnan joined the philosophy department of the Istanbul University in 1986 but later dropped out of school to write his own books.
  4. After dropping out of college, Adnan Oktar founded the Science Research Foundation in 1990, where the members would discuss the theory of human evolution.
  5. Oktar completed his goal of writing his own book about evolution in 2006 when he published the first volume of The Atlas of Creation. This was followed up by three more volumes which were released in 2007 and 2012.
  6. Adnan Orkat began television broadcasting and holding interviews on the Turkish A9 satellite channel.
  7. Even though Adnan Orkat has published 4 volumes of his own books, has been a center of attraction in the Islamic creationist scene, and even appearing on TV, there has been no estimation of what his net worth is.
  8. Adnan has been influential in Turkish court banning different sites on the internet after claiming they went against Islam.
  9. On January 11, 2021, Adnan Orkat was sentenced to 1,075 years in prison for sexual crimes but he was jailed in 1986 for nineteen months for promoting theocratic revolution.
  10. Adnan Oktar has admitted to having over 1,000 girlfriends but hasn’t mentioned anything about having a wife or being married.

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