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Who Is Jackie Broadbent On Tiktok? Age And 10 Facts To Know

Who Is Jackie Broadbent On Tiktok? Age And 10 Facts To Know

Jackie Broadbent is one of the recent social media stars to go viral on TikTok. She became viral after posting dance videos of the elderly couple on her TikTok account. 

The couple from Doncaster, who are in their 80s dance to their favorite songs. Even though they have to rest for a while due to their health conditions, they do throw some sensational dance moves that will cheer you up. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Jackie Broadbent On Tiktok? Age And 10 Facts To Know

Name Jackie Broadbent
Age 60
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Nursing administrator
Parents Joseph and Sylvia Dolan
Tiktok @JackieBroadbent1

Joseph and  Sylvia Dolan are 88 and 82 years old respectively. Because of the boring time during the lockdown, their daughter, Jackie Broadbent filmed them dancing and posted on her TikTok account. Two of their videos have more than 22 million views and have gathered above 9 million likes on TikTok. 

The video of them dancing will certainly be the best thing you will see today. 


♬ Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles

10 Facts on Jackie Broadbent

  1. Jackie Broadbent is a viral TikTok star who is known for sharing the dance videos of her elderly parents. 
  2. As of 2021, Jackie Broadbent is 60 years of age. She is based in Doncaster, Lancashire. 
  3. However, further details about her birthday and zodiac sign are not available at the moment. 
  4. Speaking of age, her parents Joseph and Sylvia Dolan are 88 years and 82 years old respectively. 
  5. Jackie Broadbent is famous for her TikTok account. She has over 550k followers on TikTok already. 
  6. She became viral on TikTok overnight by uploading a dance video of her parents dancing to their favorite songs. 
  7. However, Jackie Broadbent is not present on Twitter and Instagram. She mentioned that she started her TikTok account for fun. 
  8. It was during the lockdown, Jackie started posting videos on TikTok. They were meant to cheer her parents up. 
  9. However, the video went viral and accumulated over 22 million views already. 
  10. Hence, Jackie Broadbent has an article written about her in Daily Mail as well. 

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