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Giancarlo Granda Wiki: Age, Bio Facts To Know About

Giancarlo Granda Wiki: Age, Bio Facts To Know About

Jerry Falwell Jr. is being blackmailed by his former friend, Giancarlo Granda who had an affair with his wife Becki Falwell in 2012.

Jerry Falwell Jr. is a pastor, attorney, and President of Virginia Liberty University. He is a well-known personality and his wife is also a famous American activist and social worker. Jerry has been married to his wife Becki Falwell since 1987. They have been together for more than 32 years but back in 2012, there was a short-lived extramarital affair of his wife with a former friend of Jerry, Giancarlo Granda.

Just recently, on August 7, 2020, Jerry Falwell was suspended from his presidential post of the Liberty University because of his series of controversial and embarrassing photographs surfacing on social media.

Jerry revealed that he was suffering from depression at that time while trying to protect his wife’s dignity from the blackmailer Giancarlo Granda who was in an affair with Becki in the past.

So who is this Giancarlo Granda who is making the lives of this prestigious Virginia couple miserable? Here are some facts that we know about this blackmailing friend Giancarlo Granda.

Name Giancarlo Granda
Age 29
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Businessman
Married/Single Dating: Renée Pauline Perez
Instagram ggranda_
Facebook Giancarlo Granda

Giancarlo Granda is around 29 years old

Although the exact date of birth of Giancarlo is not known yet, his age must be around 29 years old. This anticipation is based on some sources that cited him to be around 21 years old when he had an affair with Becki Falwell in 2012.

He is from Miami, Florida

According to his bio on Facebook account, Giancarlo is from Miami, Florida. He currently resides in Washington D.C.

He has studied from Georgetown University

This Miami man who has been blackmailing Becki and his husband has studied Masters in Real Estate Finance and Development from Georgetown University.

He speaks English and Spanish fluently

According to his LinkedIn account, Giancarlo is bilingual. He speaks both Spanish and English very fluently. His parents are Cuban and Mexican immigrants.

He was a Miami Pool Attendant when he met Falwells

Giancarlo and Falwells met each other in 2012 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach where Giancarlo used to work as a pool attendant. At that time he was a finance student at Florida International University. The Falwells liked Giancarlo and his personality so they helped this college student at that time to start a business.

Jerry Falwells used to work long hours at the university and that’s when his wife had an affair with this Florida man but their relationship quickly ended and she was back with her husband.

He is the owner of the Miami Hostel

Giancarlo is the owner of the Miami hostel since 2013 thanks to Jerry and Becki Falwell. They signed a deal for owning the hostel and putting Giancarlo in charge. The ownership led to several legal battles but Granda finally signed the deal and became full owner of the hostel.

He started blackmailing the Falwells

Jerry Falwell revealed that Giancarlo started blackmailing him by threatening to reveal his family secrets. Giancarlo got really close to their family and his wife Becki committed adultery also. Although Jerry was not a part of this adultery, he believes that he also took part in sin because he could not give his wife time. While trying to deal with the blackmails asking for a hefty amount of money, Jerry went into depression and that explains his embarrassing string of acts lately.

He slams the accusations of Jerry Falwell

After the Falwells decided to go public about their past adultery and putting an end to incessant blackmailing, Giancarlo has denied all the accusations. He says that all the allegations are false, defamatory, and belied and everything is Falwell’s attempt to sabotage him. He also mentioned that their affair was not just an affair and the whole truth will be revealed soon.

He seems to be dating a Harvard lawyer

While surfing through Giancarlo’s Facebook, he seems to be in a relationship with a Miami girl named Renée Pauline Perez. She graduated from the University of Miami in 2016 and is attending the Harvard law class of 2021. They also have a dog together.

He is active on social media

Giancarlo Granda is active on both Facebook and Instagram. His Facebook name is simply “Giancarlo Granda” where he has stated himself as a founder at gaming detox. Similarly, he also has an Instagram account under the name “ggranda_” but his account is private.

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