Age, Husband And Matt Gaetz Update

Who Is Megan Zalonka? Meet Rep. Matt Gaetz Escort Instagram Model

Who Is Megan Zalonka? Meet Rep. Matt Gaetz Escort Instagram Model

Megan Zalonka photos with Matt Gaetz are heating the Internet. Let us learn about their case update.

Megan is an Instagram model. She has been linked with Gaetz for exchanging money for consensual relations.

Megan Zalonka Photos on Instagram

Megan Zalonka’s photos are yet to be discovered as her Instagram account is unavailable as of now.

Zalonka is an amateur Instagram model and an escort. Also, she is a spokesperson for the legalization of cannabis. 

Zalonka was reportedly in a hotel’s bathroom with Matt Gaetz. Also, she took out cocaine from her makeup bag and snorted it.

Besides, the two allegedly had a wild physical relation in the hotel.

Also, Gaetz was accused of paying money to Zalonka for consensual relations. Also, she was given around $15 thousand by Joel Greenberg.

He had hired her for a social media manager job in Florida. However, she had no specific work at the office.

Megan Zalonka and Matt Gaetz Case Update

Megan Zalonka was Matt Gaetz’s date in a Trump fundraisers gala in Orlando. There was an after-party held in his hotel room after the gala in October 2019. 

Sources report that Megan and Gaetz had a relationship that involved the exchange of money for physical relations.

In fact, Matt has received allegations for paying a minimum of 15 young ladies for consensual relations. 

Furthermore, Gaetz’s wingman Greenberg will accuse him of paying Zalonka at the Trump fundraiser. He said there was a cocaine-fueled party at night. Joel will appear in court on Monday to plead guilty to fraud and sex crimes.

The Department of Justice is carrying out investigations on Gaetz for the allegations of sexual misconduct. But Matt has denied all the accusations that came for him.

In fact, he firmly insists he won’t step down from the Congress seat. 

What Is Zalonka’s Age?

Megan Zalonka’s age is 28 years old.

She currently works for the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association. Notably, she is a communications director there.

Interestingly, the group Zalonka works for is founded by Gaetz’s friends. Also, Matt has openly supported the group.

Who is Her Husband?

There is no information regarding Megan Zalonka’s husband. Also, it is unclear whether she is married or not.

Megan is an escort who allegedly has been receiving money from Florida congressman Matt for physical relations.

Sources say she has been receiving money in installments. 

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