Andy and Becky Otter Hoarders Update 2020: Where Are They Now?

Andy and Becky Otter Hoarders Update 2020: Where Are They Now?

Andy and Becky Otter Hoarders Update 2020: Where Are They Now?

Andy and Becky Otter have gained their resurgence in fame now that Netflix has picked up the A&E reality series ‘Hoarders’ since July.

The American Television reality show, “Hoarders” has shown us some really dreadful tales of tackling the people suffering from Hoarding disorder. Have you ever seen anyone who hoards up a large number of items in such a way that those items have taken up all the space in their room and you cannot find anything else? Well apparently, that’s a serious disorder and it might cause problems not only to that person’s mental health and his/her family but also to the neighbors.

“Hoarders” is a show on A&E where the team of psychiatrists and the organizing/cleaning experts work together for the intervention of such people with hoarding disorder.

It soothes our mind to see extremely unorganized and cluttered items to be cleaned and decluttered. So if you are also among those people who get satisfaction with decluttering then this show is the one for you.

Andy and Becky Otter are one of such hoarders with this disorder whose story was profiled in the tenth season of the “Hoarders”. A&E is showing the reruns of its several older episodes and you might have got to see Otter’s story also. Here is everything we know about the current update on this elderly hoarder couples Andy and Becky Otter.

Who are Andy and Becky Otter?

Andy and Becky Otter are an elderly couple from Marysville, Washington. They had been receiving countless complaints over the years on account of a large amount of trash hoarded upon their yard.

Their story was featured in Komo news also in 2014, long before the couple appeared on the Hoarders show. That news story covered this couple’s issue with hoarding and the neighbor’s complaints as well as their unsuccessful attempts to clean up the trash of their yard.

At that time, the Marysville code enforcement officer actually decided to rewrite the code on Marysville laws that make the hoarding such as of Otters’ a public nuisance and a legitimate crime.

They also reached a point where they could be fined thousands of dollars and the possibility of 90 days of jail time. They even got an ultimatum to remove the trash within 30 days or lose their house

Andy and Becky are more popularly known from “Hoarders” when the team from the reality series finally hauled away more than 250 tons of trash including newspapers and paper cups litter from this couple’s yard.

Andy and Becky Otters Hoarders Update 2020

It was a tough task for the Hoarders team to force the Otters to confront their mental addiction of hoarding but in the end, the licensed clinical experts Michael Tompkins and Erica DiMiele were able to make the couple realize their condition and remove over 160 tons of trash from their home.

Even the neighbors came to help clean that trash. The Otters were also able to receive the free professional help they needed to keep their hoarding under control provided by the show. For the Hoarder’s standards, their story ended with a positive note thanks to the eventual self-acceptance of Andy.

As of now, they have been on compliance according to the area’s officers who closely monitor their house. They do have some evidence of stuff being stored on the couples’ property but not enough to make an official warrant.

However, their backyard is filled with weeds now and their front yard is frequently mowed by their neighbors. Other than that, it seems that this elderly couple has their hoarding disorder under control.

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