Are Adept And Xqc Dating? Adept Real Name, Age and Net Worth

Twitch: Are Adept And Xqc Dating? Adept Real Name, Age and Net Worth

Twitch: Are Adept And Xqc Dating? Adept Real Name, Age and Net Worth

Are Adept and Xqc dating each other? These two Twitch Streamers have been constantly in the spotlight regarding their dating life. It’s quite obvious that they are great friends. And they are spotted having a little moment with each other. But the streamers are yet to confirm their relationship. But the fans have had their say and are almost certain that they are dating. 

Moreover, the rumors of Adept and Xqc dating have been floating for almost 2 years now. They have been very close to each other for years. And the fact that they haven’t dated anyone else during the time has made fans more optimistic about their speculations. Adept and Xqc may be dating but they haven’t officially confirmed having a romantic relationship. 

Name Adept
Birthday March 3
Age 26
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Streamer
Married/Single Unmarried
Instagram @adeptthebest
Twitter @adeptthebest
Youtube @adeptthebest

Here are the 10 facts to know about the Twitch streamer. Adept. 

10 Facts on Adept

  1. Adept is a Twitch Streamer who is very famous for her account “Adeptthebest” on the streaming platform. 
  2. Moreover, she is also famous for being linked with the Streamer, Xqc. They are very close to each other. 
  3. Speaking of whom, Xqc is one of the top Twitch Streamers who has over 4 million followers on Twitch. 
  4. As for Adept, she has amassed more than 270k followers on Twitch. 
  5. Unfortunately, her real name is not known yet. She hasn’t shared any personal detail about herself or her parents.  
  6. Moreover, the streamer is currently 26 years old. She celebrates her birthday on March 3 every year. 
  7. Adept makes quite a lot of money through streaming. Xqc’s net worth, on other hand, is supposed to be around $4 Million. 
  8. Moreover, the streamer is seen doing the merch of her products. 
  9. Also, she seems to be associated with websites like Turtle Beach and Roc Cat. 
  10. Furthermore, her Instagram account has more than 70k followers as of now. 

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