Caroline Goode Wikipedia: Age, Boyfriend And Instagram

Caroline Goode Wikipedia: Meet The Actress On Instagram

Caroline Goode Wikipedia: Meet The Actress On Instagram

Caroline Goode Wikipedia: Learn everything about the Banaz actress. 

Caroline Goode is an English former policewoman who is known for covering one of the most ridiculous honor killings in the history of England.  She is best known for her investigation and scrutiny of the case of Banaz Mahmod. 

Is Caroline Goode on Wikipedia?

No, the former police officer, Goode doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now. 

A successful detective who cracked the case of Banaz Mahmod, she later adapted her case into a documentary film called “Banaz: A Love Story.”

The film shows how a daughter is killed by her father and uncle just because she wanted to run away from an abusive arranged marriage.  

Caroline Goode Age: How old is the Actress?

A retired police officer at the moment, Caroline has not shared any facts about her age and birthday until now. 

However, she did serve more than 33 years in the London Metropolitan Police. She then was promoted to the District Superintendent where the officer investigated over 100 high-profile cases. 

Besides, she worked as a consultant for the TV movie and Mini-Series, Honour which is adapted from her own story. 

Quick Facts:

Name Caroline Goode
Gender Female
Nationality English
Profession Actress
Twitter @CarolineJGoode

Some Unknown Facts on Caroline Goode 

  1. Caroline Goode is a British actress and former District Superintendent known for her investigation on the honor killing of 20-year-old, Banaz Mahmod. 
  2. As of now, we do not have any information on Caroline Goode’s boyfriend or dating life. She has kept it under wraps. 
  3. Unfortunately, you won’t find Caroline Goode on Instagram. But the actress does have a Twitter handle with more than 4k followers. 
  4. An English by nationality, the former policewoman comes from the White ethnicity. 
  5. However, she has not shared any details on her parents and family until now. One can find her acting and writing credits on IMDB though. 

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