Carter Comstock Net Worth Age And Wikipedia: Danica Patrick Boyfriend

Carter Comstock Net Worth And Job: What Does Danica Patrick Boyfriend Do For A Living?

Carter Comstock Net Worth And Job: What Does Danica Patrick Boyfriend Do For A Living?

Carter Comstock is the new boyfriend of Danica Patrick. Here is everything about his net worth and age. Is he on Wikipedia?

One of, if not the best female racing drivers in history, Danica Patrick has been very much conservative about her personal life. The only woman to win Indy Japan 300 has revealed an exciting detail about her boyfriend on Instagram. 

She posted a photo with her boyfriend, Carter on April 16 on an Instagram post. 

Carter Comstock Net Worth: What does he do for a living?

Carter Comstock’s net worth and earnings remain yet to be known. 

As per his LinkedIn profile, Carter is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at It is one of the most popular food websites in the country. He has years of experience in the business industry with a notch for the well-being of people. 

He has been associated with Freshly for more than 8 years already. He founded the company back in 2012 and it has been a great success for him.

Carter Comstock Age And Birthday

Carter Comstock has not revealed his age and birthday until now. 

Originally from Arizona, he is currently based in New York City where the headquarters of his company is located. As per his interview, Carter was inspired by his father’s good work to help other people. 

Speaking of, his father Dr. Frank Comstock is a doctor. It led him into the path of helping people attain a healthy life with healthy food.

Carter Comstock Wikipedia: Get to know Danica Patrick’s boyfriend

Carter Comstock doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography but his company Freshly does have one. 

However, Comstock is not present on any social media site such as Instagram or Twitter until now. He prefers to keep himself a mystery. 

Following the breakup with Aaron Rodgers, Danica Patrick has had quite a year as her fans were concerned about her. But it seems like she has found love once again. The couple is getting a lot of positive comments as well. 

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