Charlie Teo Daughter Nicola Annabel Teo

Charlie Teo Daughter Nicola Annabel Teo Car Accident – Updates To Follow

Charlie Teo Daughter Nicola Annabel Teo Car Accident – Updates To Follow

Charlie Teo daughter Nichola Annabel Teo dangerous driving charges have been dropped. Find out his wife and net worth.

Mr. Teo is an eminent neurosurgeon based in Australia. He is also the founder of the Charlie Teo Foundation and Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Some of his notable patients are Jane McGath, Aaron McMillan to name a few.

As of now, he has been in the headlines after his daughter Nichola has been released of all her charges of the 2019 car crash.

Charlie Teo Daughter: Nichola Annabel Teo

Charlie Teo’s daughter Nichola Annabel Teo’s charges are dismissed.

She was accused of driving dangerously on the wrong side of the road in 2019.

Her dangerous driving had caused a car accident and left former Comancheros boss Jock Ross in critical condition.

She was to be sentenced to 7 years in jail for her crime. 

Nicola Annabel of 26 years was due to face trial on the case.

However, she got lucky, and the victim’s family dropped all the charges against her on Monday 21st June 2021, reported 7 News.

So, as of now, Nichola, as well as her whole family, is relieved.

Charlie Teo Wife And Family

Charlie Teo former wife is Genevieve Teo.

The couple has a beautiful family with 4 daughters;  Nichola, Alex, Sophie, and Katie.

The pair were married for a long time, but things were not smooth lately, and they got divorced in 2018.

As of now, Charlie is in a relationship with a former model Traci Griffiths.

His Age: How Old?

Mr. Teo age is 63 years currently.

According to his Wikipedia bio, he was born in 1957, and his birthday falls on 24th December every year.

His parents were Chinese-Singaporean immigrants to Australia.

Brain Surgeon Net Worth

Charlie’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions.

Though we are not sure about the exact figure on his earnings, we are confident that he must be living an opulent life from his lucrative brain surgeon career.

Furthermore, reports claim that the average salary of a brain surgeon in Australia is AU$288,387.

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