Christopher Duntsch Wife Age, Wikipedia And Family: Dr Death Peacock

Who Is Christopher Duntsch Wife? Things To Know About The Former Neurosurgeon

Who Is Christopher Duntsch Wife? Things To Know About The Former Neurosurgeon

Who is Christopher Duntsch wife? Here are all the details on his Wikipedia and information on his family. 

Christopher is a former neurosurgeon who has been called by his nickname Dr. D and Dr. Death for his horrendous malpractice. 

Christopher Duntsch Wife: Age and Wikipedia

Christopher Dunstch’s wife’s details are uncertain at the moment.

The question of Christopher’s marriage and marital status is dubious. He could have been married at the time of his arrest. 

Likewise, Christopher’s age details are missing from the web.

Also, he is absent from Wikipedia. He is not mentioned in any of his work, and on his Wikipedia. 

There is no information regarding his children disclosed in the media. Similar to his wife not being mentioned, it seems like his children are also out of the media attention. 

Dr. Death Wikipedia and Everything about him

Dr. Death has also known by Dr. D as a famous doctor and has been gaining a huge highlight as being called a killer doctor. He has a Wikipedia page. 

His real name is Christopher Daniel Duntsh and was born on April 3, 1971. He is 50 years old. 

Duntsh was accused of injuring 33 patients, in less than two years before his license was dismantled by the Texas Medical Board. He is also serving a life sentence in prison for killing and maiming over thirty patients.

Many patients were seriously injured and paralyzed after getting operated on through him. 

One of the patients who is a victim, of Christopher Dunstch’s surgery was Kenneth Fennell. Luckily, he survived and considers himself lucky. 

Moreover, before Dr. D wasn’t convicted of killing his patients, his net worth is estimated to be $1-5 million. He has a successful source of income and fortune.

Information on His Family 

Dr. Christopher’s family was always supportive, and they lived in a suburb east of the Memphis, Tennessee area. 

His father, Donald Dunstch was a physical therapist, and a missionary, whereas his mother was a teacher. Dunstch has three siblings; two brothers named Nathan and Matt, and a sister Liz. 

Furthermore, based on Christopher’s malpractice story, a thriller drama series called Dr. Death will premier in PeacockTv. 

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