Dr Siva Moodley Death Hoax On Twitter

Pastor Siva Moodley Death News Is A Hoax – Rumors Taking Over Social Media

Pastor Siva Moodley Death News Is A Hoax – Rumors Taking Over Social Media

Dr Siva Moodley death rumors are usurping on Twitter. Is he dead? Catch us more about his details.

Dr. Moodley is an international speaker, radio, and TV personality. He is the senior apostle and founder of the five-fold ministry, The Miracle Centre (TMC).

Recently, Dr. Moodley’s death rumors are circulating all over social media, leaving his fans and followers in question. 

Dr Siva Moodley Death Hoax On Twitter Explored

Dr Siva Moodley death rumors are a hoax on Twitter. He Is very much alive and well.

We can see Moodley has just tweeted his ‘Intercession’ live video of his YouTube channel on his Twitter.

So, we can clearly say that the rumors taking over Twitter and other social media accounts are bluff.

There are so such reports which claim the South African speaker’s death. Therefore, we’re suggesting all of you do not go behind the false rumors.

Did Pastor Siva Moodley Died Or Is He Alive?

Pastor Dr Siva Moodley is alive but has not died.

Dr Moodley is absolutely alive and kicking. More of his recent activity, he has just thanked Sasha Luv for the following on his Twitter.

In addition to that, his YouTube channel has streamed 1 hour 47 minutes video titled ‘Intercession’ just an hour ago.

Dr Siva Moodley Wikipedia Uncovered

Dr Siva Moodley Wikipedia is still off the grid.

However, you can find the multi-talented South African personality on his personal website. Also, we can perceive his online presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

He is mostly known for his International TV program ‘You Miracle Moment’.

Most importantly, Dr Moodley has been ministering for over 25 years which he started in 1900, in humble beginnings.

His Christian TV program ‘Your Miracle Moments’ has already been aired on five continents and also watched by millions of people across the globe. 

We expect Dr Siva Moodley age is in his 50s as there is no exact information regarding his date of birth.

Everything On His Family And Children – Meet His Wife

Dr Siva Moodley family includes his wife, Jessie Moodley, and two children Pastor and Kathryn.

He is happily married to Apostle Jessie which proudly took his surname. 

The couple has two children – Pastor David, who is Technical Director of TMC and Producer of YMM, and Kathryn Jade from ‘The Miracle Report with Katy’ which broadcasts amazing testimonies.

What Is His Net Worth?

Dr Siva Moodley net worth is definitely over $5 million.

With more than 25 years of experience, Moodley is the CEO of Miracle TV LLC and Senior Apostle and Founder of THe Miracle Centre Church.

He and his wife have held International Miracle healing Crusades in different parts of America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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