Coach Barney Harris Wife Age And Family- Obituary 2019

Who is Coach Barney Harris? Cause Of Death Revealed

Who is Coach Barney Harris? Cause Of Death Revealed

Barney Harris was a dedicated coach but was involved in a reportedly dangerous and deadly drug world.

In a Mexican drug cartel, someone is sure to die. That’s what happened with Barney Harris, who was killed in a shootout last week (April 2021). As per reports claimed by ABC7, he was a popular Charlotte-area teacher.

Who Was Coach Barney Harris?

Barney Harris was a basketball coach at Union County High School

A high school coach has an annual salary of approximately $40 thousand. Maybe that sort of money never helped Barney Harris to increase his net worth. That’s why he got involved with the drug world. However, nothing can be made sure as his involvement in such a dangerous business remains a mystery.

Everything On Barney Harris Obituary

Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson shared the obituary news that Barney Harris was no more. 

We can read his obituary from any news article. We recommend you to go through WBTV‘s article as they have mentioned all the details very well. As per the site, Terry’s deputies had found two people shot, one of whom was Barney.

Harris Wife: Was He Married?

Well-known as a family man, Barney Harris was married to his wife named Keisha Harris.

According to WSOC TV, they were married for more than 21 years. Moreover, he was the father of two children – two amazing sons and a lovely daughter.

Barney Harris Age: How Old Was He?

Barney Harris had not revealed his age before his death.

Looking at him, he seemed to be at least greater than 40 years old. However, we know that his children are too young, and it’s hard for them to bear such pain.

His Family Life Explored

Barney Harris had taught his family to love all the time and not to fear.

That was the motto of his life, and now, he has died, leaving just the memories behind. At this moment, we request everyone to provide his family space and privacy to deal with such a hard situation.

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