Creepshow Art Husband – Shannon Creepshow Face And Real Name

Shannon Creepshow Face Reveal – Who Is Her Husband?

Shannon Creepshow Face Reveal – Who Is Her Husband?

Netizens want to know about Creepshow Art husband. She and her husband have engaged in a feud with a YouTuber Emily Artful. We have got you covered.

Creepshow Art is an American YouTuber. She rose to stardom by discussing pop culture trends and personalities on YouTube.

In fact, she has already discussed some popular public figures including Belle Delphine, Onision, and so on.

Creepshow Art Husband Explored

Creepshow Art is living with her husband Anthony parker.

Youtube Fandom reveals that Creepshow Art’s husband had a girlfriend named Emily.

Well, Emily had tweeted about Creepshow and her husband Parker about how the couple stalks and harrases her. 

Emily has stated that Creepshow and her husband have stalked her over 3 phones and 3 laptops and gathering the evidence. 

Moreover, Emily also uploaded a 2-hour long video where she chronicled the abuse and harassment act of Creepshow and her husband.

In fact, Emily had exposed Shannon and her husband, Anthony Parker.

Shannon Creepshow Face Revealed

Shannon Creepshow face has already been revealed.

As a matter of fact, Shannon Creepshow never likes to show her face on her YouTube content. But, she is actually pretty in person.

Talking about the feud going on between Shannon and Emily, Shannon and her husband deleted all their social media accounts. 

Shannon was engaged in continuous harassment and stalking to an Art YouTuber Emily. 

What Is Her Real Name?

Creepshow Art real name is Shannon Margaret Campbell.

Better known as Creepshow Art online, she is quite familiar with her online name across the globe. 

However, her real name has not embraced colossally like her online name.

Creepshow Art began her career when she created a YouTube channel on April 4, 2016, and started uploading videos on March 20, 2018.

Creepshow Art Wikipedia

Creepshow Art Wikipedia is still out of sight.

Apparently, Creepshow Art is 28 years of age as she was born on May 13, 1993.

She started making out storytime videos while drawing and some other miscellaneous content tours like the ‘art rage’ series and so on.

Creepshow Art net worth is speculated between $1 million – $5 million.


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