Did Troydan Bail Out Donj? Arrested

What Did Donj Do? Troydan Livestreams ForThe Bail Money

What Did Donj Do? Troydan Livestreams ForThe Bail Money

Troydan who is a popular Canadian Youtuber recently talked about Donj’s Bail. What did Donj do and did Troy bail him out?

Donj is well known as a Youtube creator and is a Twitch who is famous for being the NBA 2k player. Over the years, Donj has been massively followed and subscribed to his youtube account.

Apart from the world of the internet, Donj is really good at sports. Donj loves playing basketball and also performs well on his school team.

Recently, the mugshot of Donj 3205 has gone viral on Social media. Similarly, a surprising caption was seen in Troydan’s live-streamed video. The video was captioned “Attempting to pay DONJ’s BAIL #FREEDONJ”.

In the video posted by Troyden, questions have started to mount if Donj was really in prison.


Troydan was running a joke about Donj’s arrest and Donj’s Bail is all a made-up joke by the Canadian Youtuber.  According to Troydan, the mugshot of Donj was also fake and was a part of the joke. 

No one could tell the mugshot of Donj was fake because it looked so real. The picture of Donj resembled a typical American Prisoner. 

Troydan is a well-known YouTuber who is mostly famous for NBA 2K videos. Along with that, Troydan also does MLB The Show videos.

Why Is Donj Arrested?

Donj is not arrested and he is doing absolutely fine. The information about his arrest and mugshot was all a part of joke that Canadian youtuber Troydan had started. 

Donj’s cousin brother had confirmed through his TikTok video that news regarding Donj’s arrest was not true. In his video, he shared a clip of his facetime with his brother Donj who was actually free. 

What Happened To Donj?

There is nothing wrong with Donj and the YouTuber is just doing fine. 

The picture of Donj that was posted on June 8th, 2021 was a mugshot that had made everyone curious about Donj’s arrest. However, it turned to be that the picture was taken in a school bathroom.

Donj Age and his Real Name

Donj is a young teenager who is at the age of 16. He was born in the United States. 

The real name of Donj is still not known. The 16-year-old youngster is known by the name Donj on all his social media platforms. He is under the name  @donj_4 in his Instagram handle.


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