Did Zoe Laverne Go To Jail?

Did Zoe Laverne Get Arrested: Did Zoe Laverne Go To Jail?

Did Zoe Laverne Get Arrested: Did Zoe Laverne Go To Jail?

The hoax that social media influencer Zoe Laverne went to jail is all over the internet lately, but did she actually get arrested? Did she really go to Jail?

Well, the answer is no. We assure you fans that Zoe Laverne is not arrested. There are rumors that Laverne is arrested after her kissing video went viral in which Zoe Laverne can be seen kissing an underaged fan by the name Connor Joyce. Connor is just 13 years old.

Name Zoe Laverne
Birthday 3 June 2001
Age 19 years old
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 49 kg
Nationality American
Parents Debbe and Douglas Pemberton
Siblings Brother
Net Worth $1 million
Married/Single Single
Tiktok zoelaverne
Youtube Zoe Laverne

The rumors of Zoe’s arrest spread like wildfire on Twitter after she was seen kissing Connor in one of her TikTok videos. The rumors of Zoe’s arrest was written in news articles on sites Channel 34 News and Channel 22 News. Turns out, those sites are initially created to create pranks.

Here, find out some interesting facts about this gorgeous TikTok star and social media influencer.


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10 Facts on Zoe Laverne

  1. Rumor has it that Zoe Laverne is arrested but it is just an internet hoax. She is not arrested and has never been to jail.
  2. Zoe Laverne is a young and gorgeous TikTok star and social media personality famed for her TikTok videos.
  3. She uploads lip-sync videos, comedy, and dance videos on her TikTok account. Her TikTok account has 17.6 million followers and has 1.6 billion video likes.
  4. She also has a YouTube channel. Zoe launched her YouTube channel in September 2015. Her YouTube channel has 449k subscribers. 
  5. In October 2020, Zoe Laverne’s TikTok video kissing an underaged fan Connor Joyce, 13, created a huge controversy. She was also rumored to be arrested for that video.
  6. She was born in Indiana, the United States. Her nationality is American. She lives in Greenwood with her parents. 
  7. Zoe was born on 3 June 2001. Her age is 19 years old. And her sun sign is Gemini.
  8. Her parents are Debbe and Douglas Pemberton. She has a brother named Eric and a step-brother, Cameron. 
  9. As of 2020, this TikTok content creator is single. From 2017 to mid-2020, she dated Cody Orlove. She was also in a relationship with Zephan Clark.
  10. Her full name is Zoe Laverne Pemberton.

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