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Quintin Jones Was Executed: What Were His Crimnal Charges?

Quintin Jones Was Executed: What Were His Crimnal Charges?

Quintin Jones execution following the heinous crime is one after 10 months. Is Jones On Wikipedia? The Texas inmate could not have his life spared. Let’s learn more.

Quintin was a death row inmate. He was executed on Wednesday night for committing murder 20 years ago.

Quintin Jones Wikipedia: What Were His Criminal Charges?

Quintin Jones is a 41-year-old Texas inmate.

To point out, Jones was convicted of beating his great aunt fatally. He committed the crime in September 1999. His aunt Berthena Bryant was 83 years old at the time. Also, Jones was 19.

Actually, Quintin beat her with a bat as she refused to lend him money. The crime took place in Bryant’s home in Fort Worth. Jones reportedly needed the money to buy drugs. Also, he took $30 from Bryant’s purse.

Jones was given a death sentence for his crime. His attorney Michael Mowla argued that he was given the sentence as his testimony wrongly identified him as a psychopath and future danger. 

As per his attorney Mowla, Jones had a history of drug and alcohol abuse since he was 12 years old. Also, he suffered physical and sexual abuse before. Mowla argues the facts were never considered at the time of his trial.

Quintin Jones Wife & Family: Who Is He Married To?

There is no information about Quintin Jones Wife and family.

Also, it is unknown whether he was married or not. He had been serving a death sentence for over a couple of decades. So, he may not have been engaged in any relationships.

Jones has a twin brother named Benjamin. He said his brother was changed due to his drug and alcohol addiction at his young age. Also, a man named Ricky Roosa who was 20 years older than him had a bad influence on him.

Mattie Long is aunt Bryant’s sister. 

Quintin Jones Execution And Crimes

Quintin was executed on Wednesday night.

In fact, he was the first Texas inmate to be executed in a period of 10 months. His family members had a hope that US Supreme Court or the Texas Governor would spare his life. But it never happened.

The department of criminal justice said he thanked all who helped him over the years in his last statement. In fact, the media was absent when he was executed.

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