Flavia Schlittler Wikipedia Alter: Husband Age And Instagram

Flavia Schlittler Wikipedia And Age: Meet Her On Instagram

Flavia Schlittler Wikipedia And Age: Meet Her On Instagram

Flavia Schlittler Wikipedia: Husband and age everything you need to know.

Flavia is a celebrity journalist, hosts the celebrity show Glamour & Gossip on Blick TV. She was born in Switzerland. She has interviewed tons of celebrities. As you can see, Instagram is full of her celebrity journalism photos.

She is a family-oriented and family-first person who is a devoted mother to her two children.

Quick Facts:

Name Flavia Schlittler
Gender female
Nationality Swiss
Parents Father Waldemar Schlitter
Married/Single Married
Husband Felix Zaugg
Instagram @flavia.schlittler
Twitter @wawinka
Facebook Flavia Schlittler

Is Flavia Schittler On Wikipedia?

Flavia Schittler Wikipedia biografia is yet to be featured. She talked about a recent Megan and Harry interview with Oprah Winfrey on her show Blick.

Her birthdate is yet to be known, but she is from Switzerland, born in Switzerland and currently lives in Zurich.

Her father, Waldemar Schlitter, took his own life on February 8, 1987. She was devasted by the news. She said she cried for two weeks. 

Flavia Husband: Who is she married to?

Flavia Schittler husband’s details are yet to be revealed. Based on her Instagram, her husband seems to be named Felix Zaugg.

She has tons of posts mentioning him as her support during hard times. She even goes saying him as “My love.”

Her Alter Or Age: How Old Is She?

Flavia Schittler alter or age seems around 60’s. 

Since there is not much information about her, we cannot assess her age or birthday. But we can say that age is just a number; she’s is active and energetic as a celebrity journalist and living a healthy life with her husband.

Flavia Schittler Instagram: Social Media Influence

Flavia is most active on her Instagram than other social media. Her Instagram has around 1780 followers for now, with 232 followings.

She even has interviewed Justin Beiber, as posted on her Instagram.

Whereas her Twitter handle has around 96 followers, and she uses Facebook leisurely. She has made a remarkable net worth from her journalism career.

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