Flora Duffy And Eating Disorder

Flora Duffy Once Almost Quit Following An Eating Disorder And Now She Has A Gold Medal

Flora Duffy Once Almost Quit Following An Eating Disorder And Now She Has A Gold Medal

Flora Duffy’s eating disorder had once led her to quit her sports career. Learn how she is doing now in the following article. 

Duffy is a Bermudian professional triathlete. Recently, her victory in the Tokyo Olympics has become a topic of an internet sensation.

Personally, this is her first Olympic win and also the first gold of Bermuda in the Olympics. 

However, this is not her first appearance in the Olympics. Previously, she had appeared in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but unfortunately, she failed to finish the race and eventually quit her sports career. Her eating disorder was the main reason for her quitting. 

Did Flora Duffy Have A Eating Disorder?

Flora Duffy was suffering from an eating disorder and depression back in 2008. 

Her eating disorder caused her bouts of fatigue and depression. She had not taken it seriously until she lost her game and quitted her sports career.

Her illness had made her lose the game in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She failed to complete the race in the Olympics, and afterward, she quitted her sports career.  

How Is She Doing Now? Health Update

As per the reports, she is all well now. 

After she quitted sports, she had started to work in a shop. However, her sports spirit had not died then. She joined the University of Colorado and there found coach Neal, who guided her afterward. 

Slowly, she returned to cycling, running, swimming, and triathlete as a whole. Like this, her triathlon career relaunched. Now, she has already won several championships and medals for her and her country as well. 

Recently, she has made the record winning gold in the Tokyo Olympics. This is her first Olympics medal and Bermuda’s first gold in the Olympics. Moreover, she has made records on the largest winning margin.

Meet Flora Duffy Husband and Family

Flora Duffy’s family is from Paget Parish, Bermuda. 

Her parents are Charlie Duffy and Marie Duffy. There is no information about her siblings.

She is married to a famous triathlete of South Africa, Dan Hugo. they were married in 2017, and currently, they do not have any children. 

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