Gareth Ward Chef Age Wikipedia, Wife And Family Details To Know

Who is Chef Gareth Ward? Everything On His Wife And Family

Who is Chef Gareth Ward? Everything On His Wife And Family

Gareth Ward is a chef and owner of Ynyshir Restaurant and Rooms. Here’s everything about him.

From July 2013 to August 2016, Gareth Ward was the head chef at Ynyshir Restaurant and Rooms. He became their chef-owner only in 2016. Located in Eglwys Fach, Gareth and his co-workers provide the best food in Wales.

Good Food Guide awarded the truly talented chef, Gareth, the Chef of the Year 2019. A year ago, in 2018, he was also the Chef of the Year finalist nominated by the National Restaurant Awards.

Who is Chef Gareth Ward?

Gareth Ward is the chef who showcases his passion for food to his guests by providing them the flavors on another level.

He is famous for using his Japanese techniques and ingredients to prepare dashi, mirin, miso, etc. Gareth had been invited to the Great British Menu multiple times, but he had refused to join the television show.

Gareth Ward Age: How Old Is He?

Currently, we remain unknown about Gareth Ward’s age.

According to Four Magazine, he had started to cook when he was just 16 years old. Also, we have come to know that he left school and has never graduated. Since he has 20 years of experience, we can assume that he is probably around his late thirties right now.

Is He On Wikipedia?

Gareth Ward Wikipedia page is yet to be constructed.

However, we can read his bio from his official LinkedIn profile. Also, we can find him on Twitter and Instagram with 8.3 thousand and 32.7 thousand followers, respectively.

Everything About His Wife And Family

Report from Great British Chefs claims that Gareth Ward has a wife.

Despite being married, he has not yet revealed the name of his wife. From his Instagram posts, we have come to know that Gareth and his wife share children.

Even in 2021, Gareth Ward has not spoken about his family life.

Moreover, we are unsure about his net worth and salary. Being a top-rated chef-owner, he definitely has a worth of around a million.

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