Hannah Beazley Wikipedia Age, Husband And Family Facts

Hannah Beazley Wikipedia And Husband: Who is She Married To?

Hannah Beazley Wikipedia And Husband: Who is She Married To?

Hannah Beazley Wikipedia Age: How old is she? Read more to find out about her.

Hannah Beazley Wikipedia details are currently unavailable. However, we can find her bio on her official website.

Well-known as a politician, Hannah was one of the candidates in the 2021 Western Australian State Election. The election was conducted on March 13, 2021, and she had been representing the Labor Party.

Hannah Beazley Age: How Old?

Hannah Beazley’s age has not been revealed yet. However, we know that she is either in her late thirties or early forties.

We hope that Hannah reveals her age as soon as possible. We know that she has dreamt of making Victoria Park a great place since she was born, raised, and has done everything there! So, she is very hopeful that her fellow people will vote for her.

Quick Facts:

Name Hannah Beazley
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Politician, Businesswoman
Parents Kim Beazley, Mary Ciccarelli
Siblings Rachel Beazley, Jessica Beazley
Married/Single Married
Children 2 sons
Education Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)
Instagram @hannahforvicpark
Facebook @HannahForVicPark

Facts On Hannah Beazley

  1. Hannah Beazley definitely has a husband. On her website, she has clearly mentioned that she is married. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of her husband.
  2. Talking about Hannah Beazley’s family, she was born to Kim Beazley and Mary Ciccarelli. Her father, Kim, currently serves as the Governor of Western Australia.
  3. Moreover, Hannah is an Australian politician. Further, she is the director of Hawker Britton Group Pty Ltd
  4. Moving on, Beazley and her husband share two children. Both of them are sons, and one of the boys is differently-abled.
  5. According to Hannah’s bio on LinkedIn, she previously served as the Head of External Relations at WA Return Recycle Renew Ltd
  6. As a politician and business person, she earns enough to make a great living. However, Beazley’s net worth is not known at the moment.
  7. Speaking about Hannah’s education, she had attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). She spent two years there earning a BA degree in Arts Management.
  8. Furthermore, we can find her on Facebook (869 followers) and Instagram (264 followers).

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