How Old Is Abdu Rozik? MMA Age, Wikipedia And Parents

How Old Is Abdu Rozik? Age Wiki And Family Revealed

How Old Is Abdu Rozik? Age Wiki And Family Revealed

Netizens are frequently searching Abdu Rozik age. The world’s smallest Tajik singer is set to fight 18-year-old General Vgorode.

Rozik is a Tajik singer who has recorded his name as the world’s smallest singer. Well, he is not a certified artist but has a unique talent to sing songs in Tajik rap style.

Prior to that, Rozik has already established his name as an internet sensation. And, he is widely acclaimed for his MMA fight with General Vgorode in the days to come.

Abdu Rozik MMA Update

Abdu Rozik has an MMA fight with General Vgorode.

As surfaced on Tapology, he is set to fight Vgorode after being punched by him. The press conference before the fight went crazy.

You might be pretty excited to see a face-off between Rozik and Vgorode like we all are. 

Rozik Age: How Old Is He?

Abdu Rozik age is currently 18 years old.

As a matter of fact, he does not seem like he is 18 by now due to insufficient financial resources which could not cure his rickets. In fact, he is the world’s smallest singer.

Well, the world’s smallest singer was born in the year 2003. But, we’re still sort of information about his birthday.

He hails from the village of Gishdarva from the Panjakent district. Therefore, he is Tajik by nationality.

Is He Available On Wikipedia?

Abdu Rozik Wikipedia page is not in reach on the Web.

However, we can perceive his information on several other Web portals. He is getting limelight recently after being punched by General Vgorode aka Hasbulla Magomedov.

Rozik is a very decent man and he recently stunned performances in a clip called “Oh Zor” on the topic of love for his girlfriend. He has already amassed thousands of subscribers on his YouTube.

Details On His Parents

Rozik parents are yet to come to light.

As per researches, his family’s financial situation was quite poor. Thus, they were unable to afford his medical treatments as he was severely ill with rickets from his childhood.

Apparently, Rozik’s physical appearance resembles a young child even as a teenager.

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