How Old Is Everly Carganilla? Age Parents and Birthday

How Old Is Everly Carganilla From The Chair? Age and Parents Revealed

How Old Is Everly Carganilla From The Chair? Age and Parents Revealed

 How old is Everly Carganilla from The Chair? Her age and parents are revealed. Read further to learn more about Everly Carganilla.

Everly Carganilla is a famous child artist popularly known for her role as “Ellie Torres,” a Netflix comedy sitcom that premiered on Netflix on 12th March 2021. The series as a comedy sitcom received positive reviews from the audience. 

She will also appear in her next Netflix series, ” The Chair,” as Ju Hee Kim, which will be released on Netflix on 20th August 2021. The Chair was written and created by Amanda Peet, Annie Wyma.

The stars Sandra Oh in a lead role in the character Ju-hee. In the series, she plays the part of the daughter of Ju-hee, a kindergartener. Let’s get to know the real age of the rising child star, Everly Carganilla.  

How Old is Everly Carganilla? Her Birthday?

Everly Carganilla reached the age of 7 years old in 2021. Everly was born on 20th May 2014 in the United States.

Everly Carganilla’s Parents revealed

Paul Carganilla and Jamie Carganilla are parents to Everly Carganilla.

Her father, Paul is one of the founders of the Vaudacity network; he also directed the movie “The Haunted Man.” Besides being a director, he is also a writer, host, and producer.

Whereas her mother, Jamie is possibly a housewife and an enthusiast cook. 

Everly Carganilla’s Biography

Everly Carganilla was born as the first child to her parents. Her real name is Everly Grace Carganilla. 

She also has a younger brother named Noah Carganilla. She holds an American Nationality. 

She is currently living with her family in South California.

As of 2021, she stands 3’7″ tall. Her birth zodiac sign is Taurus.

Her hobbies include playing piano and traveling. She graduated from her first grade on 11th June. 

Everly Carganilla’s Professional Career 

Everly made her TV debut in Jane The Virgin as Baby Jane in 2015. She also made her appearance in “Entertainment Tonight” and “Dish Nation.”

Everly made her movie debut as “Kimberly Kane” in The Haunted Man in 2015. 

She will also be seen as “Maggie” on an upcoming American murder mystery comedy TV series ” The Afterparty,” which will be premiered on Apple TV+.

Despite her rising fame as a young artist, she is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

Her net worth and salary have not been made official as of yet. 

Follow Everly Carganilla on Instagram and Twitter

Her official social media accounts are currently being managed by her parents, Paul and Maggie Carganilla.

Instagram: @everlyeverywhere

Twitter: @OfficialEverlyC

Facebook: @everlyeverywhere

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