How Old Is Roxanne Cheetham Age? Libby Mae New Girlfriend Instagram

How Old Is Roxanne Cheetham Age? Libby Mae New Girlfriend Instagram

How Old Is Roxanne Cheetham Age? Libby Mae New Girlfriend Instagram

Tiktok star Roxanne Cheetham of age 16 is Libby Mae new girlfriend. Find Roxanne on Instagram and Wikipedia.

Roxanne is a Tiktok personality. She is dating the English Tiktok star, Libby Mae as per their social media posts.

How Old Is Roxanne Cheetham? Age Explored

Roxanne Cheetham’s age is 16 years old.

The young star was born in England thus holding an English nationality. But we could not pinpoint the exact place where she was born and bred.

In addition, Roxanne has not shared her exact birth date. This is hindering her fans to wish her on her birthday.

On the other hand, she is three years younger than her partner Libby. She was born on June 3, 2002, to her mom Lynsey.

However, we could not grab our hands around the details of Roxanne’s parents and family background. Also, it is unclear how she spent her childhood.


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Roxanne Cheetham – Libby Mae New Girlfriend

Roxanne Cheetham is Libby Mae’s new girlfriend.

The two young ladies announced their relationship to their fans taking the help of their Instagram. They posted pictures together that sent waves amongst their fans.

Not to mention, Mae is also a celebrity Tiktoker. She flaunts over 1.9 million followers on the video-sharing platform at present.

Likewise, Libby was previously in a relationship with another internet star named Katylee. The two even had a youtube channel together with over 64k subscribers.

In fact, Libby broke up with her ex-partner in May 2021. It should be some time after that when Mae found her new love.

In the meantime, we have no clue if Roxanne had a boyfriend or a partner before. The information about her previous relationship is a mystery.

Find Roxanne Cheetham On Instagram And Tiktok

Roxanne Cheetham is on Instagram as @roxannecheethamx.

She has got over 12.9k fans keeping track of her homes on the account.

But Cheetham has uploaded just a single post on Instagram so far. It seems she is not quite interested in the platform.

Besides, Roxanne is a star on Tiktok. With over 116k followers and 751k likes, her videos are adored by her fans there.

Roxanne Cheetham Wikipedia Bio

Roxanne has not got a Wikipedia bio as of now.

Being a social media star, a bunch of portals on the internet has covered Cheetham’s bio. 

Likewise, Cheetham may have a good net worth out of her Tiktok earnings. But the exact figures are still under the radars.

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