How Old is Zachary Knowles? Age, Wiki, Height, Girlfriend, Instagram

Zachary Knowles

Zachary Knowles

Zachary Knowles is not just a pretty face and charming guy who would look good in a boyband. He has been releasing his music since 2018 and in such a short span of time, he has garnered some dedicated fans. He was interested in music since he was a child and used to hum songs in his dorm room.

Name Zachary Knowles
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Singer, Musician
Married/Single Single
Education Texas A&M University
Instagram zacharyknowles

His reach has significantly increased now and the internet has been a great help in that. He releases his music on Spotify, Youtube like many new artists these days do. He also has done some live shows in Los Angeles and plans to do more of those in the future. Let’s get to know this potential future star a bit more intimately today…

10 Facts On Zachary Knowles

  1. Zachary Knowles looks very young and if I had to guess, I’d say he is around 23 or 24 years old. However, it’s just my guess and not official data.
  2. He is a singer-songwriter who has ad moderate success on a streaming platform but has not gained superstardom quite yet.
  3. He started writing songs in his college years and decided that singing is what he wanted to do all his life.
  4. Zachary is an American as he was born there and hasn’t moved out to any other countries.
  5. Knowles is a very attractive guy but he never wants that to be his signature thing. He wants the artist in him to shine first and then his pretty face.
  6. He looks fairly tall in his pictures but we don’t know exactly how tall he is.
  7. There are just a few sites on the internet that have given few Wiki details about his life.
  8. He appears to be single at the moment.
  9. Knowles is an active Instagram user with the username “@zacharyknowles“.
  10. He has 12.2k followers on his Instagram account.

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