Is Angela Cullen Married? Meet Her Husband, Lewis Hamilton Engineer

Who Is Angela Cullen? Everything On Lewis Hamilton Physiotherapist

Who Is Angela Cullen? Everything On Lewis Hamilton Physiotherapist

Angela Cullen is Lewis Hamilton Physiotherapist and trainer. Is she married? Know about her husband and other details here!!

Cullen is a well-known sportsperson and physiotherapist. And, she is best known for being the physiotherapist of Lewis Hamilton since 2016.

Lewis Hamilton is an eminent British Formula 1 racer.

As of now, Hamilton’s trainer, Angela is in the limelight following the big race of Lewis on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Is Angela Cullen Married? Meet Her Husband

Yes, Angela Cullen is a married woman with a husband.

Her husband is said to be a cyclist coach. 

However, due to Angela’s low-key lifestyle, no further details on him are available.

Similarly, the pair is blessed with 2 children; a son, and a daughter.

Lewis Hamilton Engineer

Lewis Hamilton’s engineer is Peter Bonnington.

Lewis is often heard calling him Bono.

Peter is the man behind all of Lewis’s trackside communications.

Angela Cullen Eta: How Old?

Angela Cullen’s eta (age) is 47 years currently.

She was born in the year 1974 and her birthday is celebrated on 5th August every year.

Likewise, her nationality is Kiwi as she was born and raised in New Zealand.

Is She On Wikipedia?

No, Angela Cullen’s Wikipedia is undocumented.

However, one can gain a brief insight into her bio from this article.

Currently, she has been serving as a physiotherapist and trainer for an F1 racer named Lewis Hamilton.

The lady states that she loves all kinds of sports. And, she is also a professional distance runner, cyclist, and triathlete.

Moreover, as per her LinkedIn profile, we got to know that she graduated from Auckland University with a degree in Physiotherapy and Health Science.

She was also a New Zealand Hockey representative during her youth.

Apart from sports, she is also the director of the Body Performance Sports Injury Clinic.

Meet Angela On Instagram

Angela Cullen is available on Instagram under the handle @cullen_angela.

She joined the platform on 2018 and has been an active user. Most of her posts feature her work and also her family.

Moreover, she has 124k followers on her verified handle.



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