Is Fabian Delph Suspended? Arrested Charges And Prison Update

Is Fabian Delph Suspended? Arrested Charges And Prison Update

Is Fabian Delph Suspended? Arrested Charges And Prison Update

Is Fabian Delph suspended? A 31-year-old player was arrested on child sex charges. He might be one of the names that fit the profile.

Delph is an English professional football player. He is currently playing for Premier League club Everton as well as the England national team. He plays as a central midfielder.

Rumors claimed that a Premier League player was suspended after getting arrested on the suspicion of underage sexual charges. Just around a month for fresh kick-off to Premier League, Delph, and some Everton players seem to be in trouble.

Is Fabian Delph Suspended?

Everton FC has not confirmed about Fabian Delph being suspended.

During the weekend, a report broke that an unnamed Premier League football star was caught and arrested for underage child sex charges. 

Since the allegations and investigations are still going on, Fabian Delph is one of the names that fit the police report profile.

According to the police report, it was confirmed that the Premier League player happens to be a 31-year-old and a first-team player playing for Everton Football Club.

Not long after, people on social media had limited suspicion only on the two 31-year-old players which are Fabian Delph and Gylfi Sigurdson. 

Fabian Delph Arrested: More About Prison Update

Fabian Delph was not arrested.

In fact, there is no verification on who is that Everton FC player was arrested on Friday by the Greater Manchester Police on the alleged sexual charges. 

Well, Delph is not in prison, neither is the 31-year-old Premier League player who was released on bail. However, the investigations are still going on.

After reports awash on social media, fingers began to point towards Sigurdsson more than Delph because he is the first-team player for both club Everton and country Iceland.

What Are His Charges?

Fabian Delph was suspected of child sex charges.

Is Fabian Delph an alleged 31-year-old Pl player for child sex charges? Well, the answer must be no.

Basically, the unnamed Premier League player was arrested for texting underage girls for a sexual purpose. However, there is no conclusion if it is Fabian Delph.

If all those rumors come true, we are surely going to know much more about the ongoing charges.

Many social media trollers hinted he was caught by Paedophile hunters, but no precise report insists that was true.

Get To Know His Wife And Family

Fabian Delph is married to his wife, Natalie Delph.

The couple met each other in the year 2013, while Fabian was playing for Aston Villa. They got married just after their relationship began.

Not just married, the Delphs have three daughters named Sophia, Aleya, and their latest addition in the 2018 Russia World Cup. They have a cherished family.

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