Is George Mladenov From Survivor Gay? Wife Partner & Sexuality

Survivor Australia – George Mladenov Sexuality And Gay Rumors

Survivor Australia – George Mladenov Sexuality And Gay Rumors

Is George Mladenov from Survivor Australia gay? He has not disclosed his sexuality publicly. 

Mladenov is one of the contestants of Survivor Australia. Since his appearance on the show, everyone is talking about him.

George, who calls himself “Kings of Bankstown” is known as the public servant on the show.

Sexuality: Is George Mladenov From Survivor Gay?

There are no rumors about George Mladenov from the Survivor, being gay.

He has not provided any statement that states that he is gay. So, this means he could be straight.

Regarding the reality show, Australian Survivor, it is an Australian reality game show. The first season of the show first aired in 2002 on the Nine Network.

The show is renewed for its eighth season titled Brains Vs Brawn. It got premiered on 24th April 2021. 

The fans see the Survivor Australia contestant as socially awkward. But at the same time, the fans love him. He has become one of the favorite contestants in the show.

He is also hilarious. In past, he tweeted, “Finish this sentence: I am hugging Gerald because ……”


He believes that he is the wisest one as he said that he has the quality to win the show. He is ready to play the mind game to outplay and outlast the other tribe people.

He has got the resilience that will help him go far in Survivor Australia.

Who is Mladenov Wife Or Partner?

George Mladenov has not revealed his sexuality. So, it is difficult to know if he has a wife/partner.

 He has not revealed any information regarding his wife/ partner.

George Mladenov Wikipedia

George Mladenov is not found on Wikipedia.

He came into the limelight following his appearance on the Survivor. 

How Old Is George Mladenov Age?

George Mladenov, age 31, mentioned being a ‘faceless man in the Labor Party.

He also did not mention anything about the Labor Party. It made them a little worried.

He was teased as a mystery ‘politician’ before appearing on this year’s season of Survivor Australia.

‘You’ve got to be willing to pull people’s strings as a faceless man in the Labor Party, that’s what I’ll be doing on Survivor,’ he said.

Besides, he is also active on Instagram with the username @kinggeorgeofbankstown. But he only has 5.1k Instagram followers.

As he debuted in one of the popular reality game shows, he has caught the attention of many. His Instagram account is expected to grow in terms of followers.

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