Is Sebastian Korda Gay? Meet His Partner Or Boyfriend

Is Sebastian Korda Gay? Meet His Partner Or Boyfriend

Is Sebastian Korda Gay? Meet His Partner Or Boyfriend

Is Sebastian Korda Gay? No Sebastian Korda is not gay. Here is everything about his partner or boyfriend details.

Sebastian is a professional American tennis player who followed in the footsteps of his parents. Since both of his parents were involved in sports, Sebastian and his two sisters had the inspiration to pursue their careers in sports.

Sebastian’s two sisters are golfers. 

Is Sebastian Korda Gay?

No Sebastian Korda is not gay.

He has not talked about his sexuality in public, but he is straight. There might be a pile of inquiries regarding his sexuality since his romantic life remained faded from the media back then. 

But Korda is currently in a romantic relationship with Ivana Nedved, which means that he is straight.

The professional American Tennis player has never mentioned himself as being a member of the LGBTQ community. There are several players in the Tennis field who are from the LGBTQ community. But Sebastian is not one of them.

Meet His Partner Or Boyfriend

Sebastian Korda does have a romantic partner, the Czech model Ivana Nedved.

Sebastian is not only Ivana’s boyfriend but also her life partner. Ivana is the daughter of the former Czech Republic and Juventus’ football maestro, Pavel Nedved. 

The lovebirds had not spilled beans regarding when and how they started dating. But they are very open about their relationship, leading both picture-perfect relationships and the bond with immense love and understandings.

Lately, on May 30, 2021, both Sebastian and Ivana shared a picture of themselves hugging during their first tournament together on Instagram.

They share their ever-growing romantic bond to the fullest.

Is he married? No, he is not married. But it’s for sure that he might take his romantic bond with Ivana to the next level by sharing the wedding vows.

But the lovebirds are yet to share any records and details regarding their plan as a husband and wife.

Sebastian Korda Parents

Sebastian Korda’s parents are Petr Korda and Regina Rajchrtová.

He grew up with his two siblings, Jessica Korda and Nelly Korda, in his family. Both of his parents are involved in the professional tennis line. His father, Petr, is a former pro tennis player who won the 1998 Australian Open and was runner-up at the 1992 French Open.

Similarly, his mother, Regina, is also a former tennis player who once reached the world ranking of 26. She made the prize money of 353,866 USD throughout her career life.

Besides, Sebastian’s two sisters, Jessica and Nelly, are both pursuing their careers in golf. They play on the LPGA Tour, and Nelly has registered her victory six times. 

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