Is She Dating Boyfriend Tom Delonge?

Rita Marie DeLonge: Is She Dating Tom Delonge?

Rita Marie DeLonge: Is She Dating Tom Delonge?

Rita Marie DeLonge is said to be the girlfriend of Tom Delonge. She got in the spotlight because of Tom Delonge who is a famous singer of America and also a talented songwriter. Her photo was posted by Tom Delonge on his Instagram and they were hugging each other. 

Rita Marie DeLonge got famous after the post that was posted by Tom Delonge. In the post-Tom mentioned her as a Lady Friend. It is said that Rita Marie DeLonge is the new girlfriend of Tom Delonge but this rumor has not yet been proved. She has not tried to come in front of the media.

Name Rita Marie DeLonge
Birthday August 1
Gender female
Nationality American
Married/Single In a Relationship

10 Facts on Rita Marie DeLonge:

  1. Rita Marie DeLonge is a young lady in the United States. Her age, date of birth is not yet revealed.
  2. She got famous from the post of Tom Delonge, there were many questions raised on whether they have been dating each other or not.
  3. Tom Delonge has not posted many photos of her. Many of this raises questions about whether he has divorced his wife.
  4. On her birthday, Tom posted a photo kissing her on the cheek with a caption Happy Birthday to my Marie Love. This shows that they have been dating for so long.
  5. After a lot of research, we finally found out her birthday, she celebrated her recent birthday on August 1.
  6. There is not much information found on Rita Marie DeLonge. Her information is not available on Wikipedia.
  7. She looks tall on her photos, but we are not sure about her exact height and weight.
  8. Rita Marie DeLonge’s real account is not found on any social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  9. Rita’s Boyfriend Tom was the husband of Jennifer Delonge, they ended their marriage in 2019 and they are the parents of their 2 children.
  10. She has not provided any information about her family.

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