Itsoraida Exposed On TikTok – Age, Boyfriend And Instagram

Was Itsoraida Exposed On TikTok? Here’s The Video

Was Itsoraida Exposed On TikTok? Here’s The Video

Rumors have lately sparkled that Itsoraida is exposed On TikTok. Get to know her age boyfriend and Instagram from here.

Itsoraida, aka Soraida Mejia, is a famous Tiktok celebrity. She is famous for posting hilarious POV and Lip sync videos related to daily life.

Her contents are very humourous in a sense that it shows observations about life. Today she has more than 3.7k followers on the platform.

There are many rumors about her being exposed on Tiktok. So What happened to Itsoraida? We are here to make things clear. Read till the end.

Was Itsoraida Exposed On TikTok?

Rumors say that Itsoraida has been exposed on Tiktok.

However, this is totally false information. There is no official news or any scandal she has been into to date.

Itsoraida, aka Soraida Mejia, is honestly one of the very famous content creators.

Her contents are totally watch-worthy. Nevertheless, it exposes her true nature or self in her videos.

Until today, Itsoraida Tiktok videos are liked by more than 288.8 thousand people around the world.


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Itsoraida Age

Itsoraida’s age is 19 years old as of July 2021.

She was born in the year 2002 and her birthday is on June 11. According to astrology, she belongs to the Gemini sign.

Furthermore, her birthplace is Los Angeles, California. She belongs to the mixed ethnicity race.

Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Itsoraida is dating her boyfreind. Although she has not revealed anything about him.

So far, fans are wanting to know about her relationship and romantic life. Hopefully, she will reveal about him very soon.

Meet Her On Instagram

Itsoraida, aka Soraida Mejia, is well received on Instagram.

Her username is @itsoraida, and she has amassed more than 560 thousand followers to date.

Itsoraida Wikipedia

Itsoraida has no Wikipedia bio on her name.

The Tiktoker is studying business while working at a local restaurant. Soraida Mejia was also part of the recent Glamify Me campaign modeling.

Besides, she is under The Lilac Agency management. It manages more than 10 famous influencers as of lately.

Itsoraida is also known for its Youtube channel launched in 2017. Currently, she has more than 63.8 thousand subscribers.

Her Net Worth Details

Itsoraida’s net worth details are not public.

As a famous Titoker and Webstar, she is expected to earn between $40,000 to $50,000.

According to Wikiofcelebs, her net worth is speculated to be $550,000. Nevertheless, her major income source is sponsorships and advertisements.

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