Javonny Vega Love Island Age Height Ethnicity, Parents and Family, and Net Worth

Javonny Vega: Everything About The Love Island Contestant

Javonny Vega: Everything About The Love Island Contestant

Javonny Vega of age 26 is a contestant from Love Island. Here is everything we know about Love Island contestants. 

Love Island US is about to return to CBS for Season 3, and the network has just announced the season’s first 12 contestants.

Love Island fans, get ready for a text, which will premiere on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021. 

The show will also be going back to its tropical roots after spending Season 2 in Las Vegas. 

Season 3 of Love Island will be set amid a stunning backdrop in the Hawaiian Islands.

Love Island Javonny Vega: Age And Height 

Javonny Vega age is 26 years old. 

Moreover, his other birth details have not been disclosed. 

Likewise, his height measurement is also not available on the web.

Looking through his physique and pictures, Vega seems to have 5 feet and 8 inches tall. 

What Is His Ethnicity?

Vega’s ethnicity is unrevealed. 

Further, he seems to belong to a mixed racial background. 

Details On His Parents And Family 

Javonny Vega parents and family background details have not been mentioned. 

Likewise, he hails from Boca Raton, Florida, which means his family must be living there. 

How Much Is His Net Worth?

His net worth figure is not known. 

Moreover, his job is real estate investor, which explains Vega has a fortune of wealth. 

If he wins at the end of the season, half of the winning couple will be given $100,000 and choose whether to keep or share it with their partner as a test of trust.

Who Is Javonny Vega Girlfriend?

He doesn’t have a girlfriend and is single. 

The singleton is set to impress girls and find his love through the show.

Get To Know Him More

According to his social media, Javonny is also a model, a boxing fan, and a runner.

He appears to spend a lot of time at pools and beaches, which is only expected of a Florida resident. 

Moreover, during his introductory interview with Love Island, Javonny said he “got a tiger tattoo for my 21st birthday because I’m a Leo.” 

After all, the fans still can’t miss that large tattoo on his chest.

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