Jay Dukes Put A Ring On It Age Wiki Height, Girlfriend and Instagram

Jay Dukes From Put A Ring On It: Meet Him On Instagram

Jay Dukes From Put A Ring On It: Meet Him On Instagram

Jay Dukes is a contestant at the utmost relationship test show Put A Ring On It. Know his height and age details in this article.

Dukes is an expert entertainer, actor, host, and stand-up comedian. 

He is also a popular name in the film industry and also performs at shows and concerts. Also, he has been featured in the movies like Hazard and Wounds of Time.

Additionally, he is also the CEO and collaborator at AuxCord War Live; it’s a show that performs at better places in the country & Jay hosts the show. 

Jay Dukes Age & Height

Though Jay Dukes’ actual age is unknown.

But looking at his appearance, he might be around 25-35 years old. 

His birthday and other birth-related details are still a mystery.

He is a mid-’30s aged man who has moderate tall height measuring nearly 6 feet. His exact figures of height and weight are unknown. 

Jay is from Spartanburg, SC but presently living in Atlanta, Georgia, and holds the nationality of Georgia. 

Does He Feature On Wikipedia

No, Jay Dukes doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page.

But his biography can be found over the internet in various articles. 

Jay Duke’s core job is as a professional comedian. Although he has appeared in some movies, he stays on his level of humor and comedy.

As talking about his company, he is the host of his own show company and is committed to performing all over the country. 

Know His Girlfriend

Jay Dukes has been in a three years-long relationship with his girlfriend, LaRhonda.

And, this beautiful couple is taking part in the show, Put A Ring On It.

Basically, this show puts a couple into a relationship test which will test how strong the bond is. 

Dukes and LaRhonda have participated in the show because Jay was unsure if he wants to get hitched to LaRhonda.

But, seeing their Instagram posts, they seem to have a nice and romantic time with each other. 

LaRhonda is a fruitful inventor and engineer who is yet to fill in the business and is very much dedicated to it. 

Meet Him On Instagram

Jay Dukes Instagram handle has more than 17.8k followers. 

Also, he has 449 posts and is following 3,854 people. 

He also has a Facebook account with more than a thousand followers.

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