Jean-Philippe Susilovic Wife Age, Family and Net Worth 2020

Jean-Philippe Susilovic Wife: 10 Facts To Know About

Jean-Philippe Susilovic Wife: 10 Facts To Know About

Jean-Philippe Susilovic is a famous restaurant director and TV personality from Belgium. Known for his initialisms JP, this Belgian TV person is well-known for his appearances as the host on the reality cooking show, Hell’s Kitchen.

Name Jean-Philippe Susilovic
Birthday 26 November 1975
Age 44 years old
Gender Male
Nationality Belgian
Profession Chef
Twitter @JPSusilovic

Any girl would be lucky to have Jean Philippe as her husband. Who wouldn’t want to have a partner who could cook best? While he is known for his amazing recipes and cooking style, it is not clear who else he cooks for in his spare time. Is he a married man, who is his wife? 

Let’s find out what is known little of Jean-Philippe.

10 Facts on Jean-Philippe Susilovic 

  1. Jean-Philippe Susilovic is a famous celebrity chef, restaurant director, and TV personality. He is originally from Brussels, Belgium.
  2. This celebrity chef is best known for his appearance as host and head chef on the reality TV show, Hell’s Kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen is the spin-off of Gordon Ramsey’s American version of the reality cooking show of the same name.
  3. Regarding how old is Jean Philippe, he was born on November 26, 1975. This makes his age 44 years now.
  4. Jean was born in Belgium and his nationality is Belgian. As seen on his Wikipedia bio, he is of Croatian descent.
  5. His Wikipedia page has nothing about his family members and siblings. The identity of his father and mother is still not public.
  6. Jean does not seem fond of social media. You can find his Twitter page, but it is not public. And his Instagram page is missing for now.
  7. Jean-Philippe often referred to simply as JP is yet to share his personal details in the media. It is not clear whether he is a married man or not. So, there’s nothing on his wife on the web yet.
  8. The detail of his love affairs and girlfriend is also not discussed on the media.
  9. As a celebrity chef and restaurant director, Jean must have a good annual earning. The detail of his annual salary and net worth 2020 is not public.
  10. He seems to have decent height and could be around 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

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