Jessie Andrade Watsonville Age And Instagram: Yoatzi Castro Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

Jessie Andrade Watsonville: Why Was Yoatzi Castro Ex-Boyfriend Arrested?

Jessie Andrade Watsonville: Why Was Yoatzi Castro Ex-Boyfriend Arrested?

Jessie Andrade from Watsonville was recently arrested after he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and showed the gun to her, her son, and her father. According to Patch, the police had to standoff for almost 9 hours before arresting him.

Quick Facts: Jessie Andrade Watsonville: Why Was Yoatzi Castro Ex-Boyfriend Arrested?

Name Jessie Andrade
Age 30 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Social Media Personality
Married/Single Single
Children Travis Andrade
Instagram @btsjessiie
Tiktok @jessieandraade
Twitter @jessieandraade
Youtube Jessie Andrade

Also, it has come to notice that he had barricaded himself which was the main reason why it took that long for the police to arrest him. Now, he has been facing charges of criminal threats, burglary, resisting or delaying arrest, and brandishing a gun. 

10 Facts on Jessie Andrade:

  1. Jessie Andrade is a resident of Watsonville, California, USA. Thus, it is very clear that his nationality is American.
  2. From official crime reports, we have come to know that the exact age of Jessie Andrade is 30 years. However, his birthday details are not yet available.
  3. Moving on to Jessie Andrade’s Instagram account, he has already gained 46.7 thousand followers under the username of @btsjessiie.
  4. Moreover, Jessie Andrade has been best known as Yoatzi Castro‘s ex-boyfriend. Yoatzi is a well-known Instagram personality with more than 705 thousand followers.
  5. Furthermore, Jessie Andrade got arrested on January 21, 2020, at around 10:30 AM. 
  6. Since we have no idea about Jessie’s earnings, we are have nothing to share about his net worth as of 2021.
  7. According to Andrade’s short bio on Distractify, he and his ex-girlfriend Yoatzi were in a relationship until late December 2020.
  8. In fact, the couple even shares a son named Travis Andrade who was born in October 2016. Thus, this statement clearly says that he had pointed the gun at his own son.
  9. Along with Instagram, we can find this personality on Twitter (61 followers), TikTok (82.8 thousand followers), and YouTube (29 thousand subscribers).
  10. Thus, his professional life can be compared to his ex-girlfriend’s professional life as both are content producers. 

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