Jimmy Dorsey Wife Age, Net Worth And Instagram

Who Is Joy Dorsey From Gold Rush? Meet Jimmy Dorsey Wife And Family

Who Is Joy Dorsey From Gold Rush? Meet Jimmy Dorsey Wife And Family

Joy Dorsey was briefly introduced to the fans of the show, Gold Rush in season 1. Gold Rush is a reality TV series that airs on Discovery. The show is in its 11th season. Gold Rush is about various family-run mining companies, most of which are from the Klondike region of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.

 When the economic crash happened, Joy and her husband moved back with her mother along with their kids. he got an opportunity to join Gold Rush in order to get a taste for mining. The viewers got to meet Joy Dorsey along with her kids during the third episode of the season. She was quite frustrated that the team hasn’t found any gold which Jimmy felt deeply. Joy was not seen after that season.

Name Joy Dorsey
Age 34-36
Gender Female
Husband Jimmy Dorsey
Children 3
Facebook @joy.dorsey.9

10 Fun Facts About Joy Dorsey

  1.  Joy Dorsey’s current age isn’t present on the internet. But by the looks, she seems to be in her mid-thirties. She was raised in Portland, Ore.
  2.  Dorsey does not have any Wikipedia page or Wiki-bio about herself or her biography.
  3.  There is hardly any information on Joy Dorsey’s net worth or salary or how much she made in the show.
  4.  Joy lived in Portland, Ore., where her husband worked as a realtor and employed around 20 people in his business before Gold Rush.
  5.  Jimmy Dorsey and Joy Dorsey have 3 children together. It is assumed that Jimmy went back to the real estate after the show.
  6.  There arent much information about Joy and her family and what they’re doing now. The family lives in Happy Valley, Ore. 
  7.  Joy Dorsey isn’t active on any social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram but is active on Facebook. She lives a private life with her family.
  8.  Joy loves to sing and is the lead singer in her band, Joy and Her Sentimental Gentlemen. The band performs around Portland, Ore.
  9.  After Jimmy left halfway through the first season, there’s not a whole lot known about Joy Dorsey or her family.
  10.  Joy and the children didn’t move with her husband, Jimmy when he went to Alaska to try to strike gold.

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