Jojo Hailey From Jodeci Kids

Jojo Hailey From Jodeci Kids – Meet Kayla Tiffany And Sakoya Wynter

Jojo Hailey From Jodeci Kids – Meet Kayla Tiffany And Sakoya Wynter

Jojo Hailey from Jodeci has two kids named Kayla Tiffany and Sakoya Wynter. Meet them on this article.

Jojo “Joel” Hailey is an American R&B singer. He is widely known for his R&B duo, K-Ci & Jojo, and group, Jodeci.

Jojo’s contributions to R&B are eternally etched in music history, all thanks to his idiosyncratic work with Jodeci and K-Ci $ Jojo throughout his musical career.

Jojo Hailey From Jodeci Kids

Jojo Hailey, who also goes by the name Joel Hailey has two kids with Tashaunda Hailey.

He has two kids named Kayla Tiffany and Sakoya Wynter.

Jojo’s debuted a studio album in the year 2020 and his family enterprise is also slated to release more new music that includes him and Tashaunda’s two daughters, Kayla Tiffany and Sakoya Wynter.

Meet Jojo Hailey Daughter Kayla Tiffany 

Jojo Hailey’s daughter Kayla Tiffany is also a singer.

Like R&B legend father, she had a pure form and undoubtedly music talent.

JoJo Hailey took his daughter Tiffany under his music wing at a very young age.

Jojo had also written a song about her daughter Kayla Tiffany. He believed that she was one of his artists when he wrote the song about her at around 6 years old.

The song titled “All My Life” just came naturally when Kayla said “Dad, I love you” when he was playing around on the Keyboard. 

More About Jojo Hailey Daughter Sakoya Wynter

Sakoya Wynter is also a dynamic singer and songwriter.

Born in an artistic family, Sakoya is also gracefully talented like her father Jojo and her sister Kayla.

Sakoya is a member of her family enterprise recording label, JT entertainment. She has given a heart out for singing like her legend father.

She describes her elegant & self-reflective single “Self Live” which is has made significant hits in the highest frquencies.

 It’s clear that the spotlight comes naturally as she shows zero fear of letting her heart on the line in order to form a true connection with her fans and listeners. 

She is a new casting member of the reality Tv Show, Growing Up Hip Hop.

Jojo Hailey Girlfriend Or Wife Revealed

Jojo Hailey is married to his wife, Tashaunda Hailey.

Well, Tashaunda Hailey is also known as Tiny Hailey. The husband-wife couple has created an independent R&B hip-hop-focused label.

Any further deets regarding his wife is yet to come to light.

Get To Know His Net Worth

Jojo Hailey net worth is estimated at $1 million dollars.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based R&B has made a whopping sum of money through groups, Jodeci and K-ci & Jojo.

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