Jude Kereama Wikipedia, Age Wife And Twitter Net Worth

Who is Jude Kereama Married To? Everything To Know About The Chef

Who is Jude Kereama Married To? Everything To Know About The Chef

Jane Kereama is the wife of famous chef Jude Kereama. See If He Is On Wikipedia. Get to know more about his Twitter and Net worth.

He is the chef of Kora Restaurant with Rooms in Cornwall, and he was also reviewed in the Telegraph. 

Jude Kereama: Wikipedia and Twitter

Jude Kereama is not listed on Wikipedia.

However, his name is available on the Great British Menu Wikipedia page on Series 10, 2015 and Series 11, 2016. 

He has a Twitter and with 3008 followers. Kereama joined Twitter in May 2015.

Most of his Tweets are about his culinary skills, journey as a Great British Chef, and showing his own restaurant Kora Restaurant. 

He also has an Asian Fusion restaurant known as Kota Kai in Porthleven, Cornwall. 

Jude hails from Chinese Malay and Maori Heritage; he is inspired to cook based on his own inheritance cooking legacy, which also explains pure art for his culture, and roots. 

Chef Jude grew up in New Zealand and moved to the UK in 1996. 

Jude Kereama Age

He has not disclosed Jude Kereama’s age.

However, he seems to be around the age range of 45-50 years old.

Who is Kereama’s Wife?

Jude Kereama’s wife is Jane Kereama, who passed away battling cancer.

She was 46 years old when she died at St Julia’s Hospice in Hayle. 

Jane and Jude have a son, Jane, who is currently 14 years old. 

The couple shared their beautiful life for 23 years. They met in London, and during that time, Jane was running an Italian restaurant in Fulham.

Jane was also one of the main organizers at the Porthleven Food Festival, and the first couple is known as the organizing committee for the first successful event. 

Jude has also left a heartfelt message to his wife Jane on his Twitter, expressing eternal love, life, and beautiful memories with their only son.

How Much Is His Net Worth?

Jude Kereama’s exact Net Worth has not been revealed by him. 

Looking through his success and being an owner of a highly rated restaurant along with the room in Cornwall, he seems to have earned a good fortune.

Kota is one of the fine dining restaurants, which is opened for nearly 15 years. 

Chef Jude is also one of the chefs representing the South West Region in the Great British Menu 2021, which is the Series 16 of the competition.

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