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Juliet Glen

Juliet Glen

Juliet Glen is a beautiful 8 years old daughter of the famous award-winning Scottish actor Iain Glen. Iain is most popular for his role in HBO series Game of Thrones as ‘Ser Jorah’ and as Dr. Alexander Isaacs/Tyrant in the Resident Evil film series. Her mother Charlotte Emmerson is also an English actress, she has appeared in numerous movies and Tv series.

Juliet is the second child of Charlotte Emmerson and  Iain Glen. Juliet has an elder sister Mary Glen, she is 4 years older than her. Her father Iain was previously married to Susannah Harker, an English actress. In their 11 years long marriage (1993–2004) they also had a child, Finlay Glen. He is 26 years old as of now and has a healthy relationship with his father.

Name Juliet Glen
Age 8 Years Old
Gender Female
Height 3 feet 11 inches
Nationality British
Parents Charlotte Emmerson and Iain Glen


10 Facts About Juliet Glen

  1. Juliet Glen was born in 2012. We don’t have any information about her place of birth or her birth date.
  2. Juliet’s height is approximated to be 3 feet 11 inches or 121 cm.
  3. The little girl has a healthy weight according to her age and height. She weighs 22.2 kg or 49.5 lbs
  4. Juliet has an elder sister Mary Glen, she is 12 years old.
  5. She is a beautiful little girl with blond hair, hazel eyes, and a cute little smile.
  6. Because she is just known for being the daughter of popular Actor there is not much information regarding her available on the internet.
  7. At this young age, Juliet is anything but interested in social media, there is no Social media account of her, However, her parents share pictures of her through their social media outlets.
  8. Juliet Glen is of British Nationality. She is white by ethnicity.
  9. Juliet Glen’s parents are both talented actors.
  10. Her parents, Charlotte Emmerson and Iain Glen got married in 2017.’

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