Junior Jein Wikipedia Biografia, Age Edad And Net Worth

What Happened To Junior Jein? Wikipedia Edad And Net Worth

What Happened To Junior Jein? Wikipedia Edad And Net Worth

Junior Jein Wiipedia biografia is absent. At just 37 years old age he was shot to death in Cali.

The Colombian protest against massacres and disappearance has received worldwide attention. Since April, over 60 Colombians have lost their lives in the rallies across the country.

Recently, singer Junior Jein became a victim of a sudden attack. 

Junior Jein Wikipedia Biografia

Junior Jein doesn’t have a Wikipedia biografia, aka biography. 

Junior, real name Harold Angulo, was a Colombian singer and musical artist. He was regarded as one of the prominent figures in the “Salsa Choque” movement.

What Happened To Him?

Sadly, Junior recently passed away on Jun 14, 2020.

His cause of death is alleged fatal gunshots.

Apparently, men with rifles and a pistol attacked him in the early hours of Monday. He was shot just before trying to enter a local nightclub to make a presentation.

Though Jein was immediately taken to the hospital, he passed shortly after.

Moreover, the doctors found him with a total of six bullet wounds in his head, chest, and leg.  

How Old was Junior Jein? His Age/Edad 

Junior Jein age or edad was just 37 years old

He was based in Cali, Aguablanca District. Similarly, he was represented by the Metiendo Mano Records label in Colombia. 

His untimely demise has sent a shock across fans in the Colombian Pacific area. As a result, many people and celebrities have come forward to demand justice for the late singer.

Junior had sung against murders in Cali city just some time ago. In fact, he was always vocal about the injustice disappearances at the hands of State repressive forces in Colombia. 

His Net Worth Explored 

Junior Jein net worth yielded a decent fortune, which is still under review.

In 2014, Junior had received a value of over $150,000 for his promotional plan. Yet, this is only a drop in the ocean of his vast wealth.

In fact, he was nicknamed the “El Caballo de la Música Urbana aka Horse of the Urban Music.” 

Jein’s Instagram handle is @juniorjein. Likewise, his latest post was filled with comments from his devasted fans.

We express our heartfelt condolences to his friends and family. We pray that his soul may find peace in heaven. Thank you. 

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