Kasey Cohen Below Deck Age Boyfriend And Instagram

Kasey Cohen Below Deck Age And Instagram Bio: Everything To Know

Kasey Cohen Below Deck Age And Instagram Bio: Everything To Know

Do you know Kasey Cohen, Below Deck Mediterranean official cast age? Stick together to know more about celebrated reality star Kasey Cohen.

Kasey Cohen is New York-born and raised American actress and model who rose to prominence after making an appearance on Bravo TV Below Deck Mediterranean

Kasey was on Bravo’s reality TV show season 3 in 2018, and fans want to know what she’s been up to since then.

Kasey Cohen Below Deck Age Traversed

Currently, Kasey Cohen is 28 years of age.

As a matter of fact,  Kasey Cohen was born on 30th October 1992, which makes her birth sign Scorpio.

She is young with extremely packed talent. We expect her to shine in the entertainment industry.

Kasey Cohen Height: How Tall?

Kasey Cohen height is still under investigation.

Judging her pictures, Kasey stands at a decent height as compared to her surroundings. She seems relatively tall with great body attributes.

Is She On Instagram?

Kasey Cohen is available on Instagram.

We can perceive Kasey Cohen’s online presence on Instagram. On her Instagram, Kasey has immense followers of 74.9k to date. Moreover, she has 131 posts and 1925 followings.

You can catch her daily insights and radiant pictures of Kasey Cohen on her Instagram. We can find her modeling picture and bikini shoots on her Instagram.

Who Is Kasey Cohen Boyfriend?

Kasey Cohen boyfriend details are still out of sight.

Well, Kasey has neither spoken nor provided any hints regarding her boyfriend or dating life. So, we may assume she is single as of now.

She may be focussing on her career thus far rather than love life. She likes to improve on a better version of herself week-in week-out.

Where Is She From?

Kasey is a native of New York.

Born and brought up in New York, Kasey is a proud New York native like her father. She grew up in Oceanside. She belongs to mixed ethnicity.

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