Leanne Nesbitt Wikipedia Obituary- Geoffrey Edelsten Wife Now

Where Is Leanne Nesbitt Now?  Geoffrey Edelsten Ex Wife Death Cause

Where Is Leanne Nesbitt Now?  Geoffrey Edelsten Ex Wife Death Cause

Leanne Nesbitt is not on Wikipedia yet. But we have you covered. Her obituary details are inquired after Geoffrey Edelsten’s death. 

Miss Nesbitt is a former model and a nurse based in Australia. And, she is best recognized for being the first wife of Geoffrey Edelsten.

Geoffrey Edleston was an eminent Medical Entrepreneur.

As of now, Leanne is in the highlights following the sudden death of her ex-husband.

Leanne Nesbitt Wikipedia

Leanne Nesbitt’s Wikipedia details are undocumented.

However, one can know her better with his article

Geoffrey Edelsten Wife 

Leanne Nesbitt is Geoffrey Edelsten’s first wife.

As per Geoffrey’s Wikipedia, The pair got married in the year 1984.

Leanne was only 19 while Geoffrey was 41 when they got married.

During that time, the pair lived an opulent life as Geoffrey was at the peak of his success.

He was known for having luxurious possessions like a private helicopter, luxurious cars, mansions, etc.

However, things didn’t go well for long and they divorced in 1988.

Where Is Leanne Nesbitt Now?

Leanne’s whereabouts are kept private as of now.

However, she is said to be living an independent life somewhere in Australia.

After her divorce from Geoffrey, she was in a long-term relationship with Clive James.

However, they parted ways after 8 years.

Similarly, she was also in the limelight a few years back for suing  Mark Anthony Fabian of domestic violence.

As of now, the details on her family and her as well are off the record.

Did They Have Children?

Yes, Leanne Nesbitt had a son with Geoffrey Edelsten.

Their son was born in the year 1989. And, his name is Matthew Beard.

However, Leanne had already divorced Geoffrey when she found out about her pregnancy.

So, she did not tell Geoffrey about their son for years. And, she was raising him alone as a single mother.

Apart from Matthew, they do not have any other children.

Geoffrey Edelsten Obituary: Cause of Death?

Geoffrey Edelsten’s death obituary released on Friday, 11th June 2021.

Leanne’s ex-husband, Geoffrey is said to have died suddenly on Friday afternoon at his Melbourne apartment.

As per ABC News, he died at the age of 78.

Similarly, the cause of his death is yet to be revealed.

But as per reports his death is not considered to be suspicious.

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