Lin-Manuel Miranda Lip Bite Explained

TikTok: Guy Biting His Lips Meme: Lin-Manuel Miranda Lip Bite Explained

TikTok: Guy Biting His Lips Meme: Lin-Manuel Miranda Lip Bite Explained

Have you wondered why the guy biting his lip is a famous meme on TikTok recently? The OBT version of “Hamilton”, the American Musical film, has been released on Disney+ on July 6, 2020, and therefore the actor from Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda is again on the limelight.

The lip-bite selfie of Lin-Manuel Miranda, that became a meme in 2018 is now back in trend because of all the fame he is getting through Hamilton:2020. Here is everything you need to know about this trending meme on TikTok: Guy biting his lips meme.

What is TikTok: Guy Biting His Lips Meme?

The TikTok: Guy biting his lips meme is because of the selfie of Lin-Manuel Miranda who is a famous producer, actor, and music composer. He is a versatile artist who can do it all. That selfie of Lin makes him look funny and people think that he is trying to be sexy. 

The first time meme of this guy biting his lips appeared on TikTok when a user called @okayelisabeth posted a video that has dozens of this selfie of Lin on her phone everywhere including her gallery and search history.


lin❤️😽 ##fyp ##linmanuelmiranda ##hamilton

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This video was so funny that it went viral on TikTok in no time. Then people started posting multiple pictures of Miranda’s lip bite in their videos. Some even copied his expression themselves to make the videos even funnier. Some creative users add some extra conversation contexts making his expression feel hilarious. Now, this meme is getting viral on TikTok.

People are getting really creative and making funny videos using Lin’s selfies. For example, look at this video below where she is texting her mom and her mom warns her about Shark fin but misspells it to Shark Lin, so now there is a video of the shark with Lin’s lip-biting selfie in place of its fin. It is something like getting rick-rolled where you click to see something you expect very eagerly but then you get mocked by the notorious lip-biting selfie of Lin Manuel Miranda.


I’m about to fight a shark for free tickets ##greenscreenvideo ##fyp ##foryou ##linmanuelmiranda ##hamilton ##hamiltonmusical ##theatrekid @hamiltonmusical

♬ original sound – j.breazy

Lin-Manuel Miranda Lip Bite Explained

This Lin Manuel Miranda meme originated when he first posted a selfie after the production of “Hamilton” was over in 2018 on his twitter in which he bites his lips. That picture of Lin was pretty cringe-worthy for many viewers and in a way funny.

Many people use this photo as a way to say something seductive. Of course, some people look very seductive when they bite their lips, but in the case of Miranda, it’s somehow funny instead of sexy, and hence the meme started.

For a long time, this meme had been stale and lost. But now because of the coronavirus and the availability of the Hamilton 2020 on Disney+, many people got plenty of time to dig out the old photos of the actors of Hamilton. And they found this treasure meme which is even more humorous now because of the TikTok. 

Guy Biting His Lips Meme is Viral on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

TikTok has played a huge role in making this meme viral and also making Manuel embarrassed all over again. I kind of feel sorry for Lin for being mocked for his selfie, but you know it is worth it and maybe even he also finds it funny.

This lip-biting meme of Lin Manuel Miranda is not only getting viral on TikTok but it has been viral on Instagram and Snapchat also. There are lots of users making and posting similar memes on their favorite social media accounts either Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Snapchat.

Lin has something to say about him getting all this attention now and being poked for fun and he said it through a video on Twitter along with his rapping skills.

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